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Postcards from Hawaii: Pro Bowl Cheerleaders' First Glimpse of Pregame Show

Posted Jan 27, 2013

2012 Team Captain Tiffany is representing the Titans Cheerleaders at the 2013 Pro Bowl in Hawaii.

Wow! Today was so emotional for me. We started off with an early morning breakfast, then headed straight to the stadium for Ohana Day. It was so much fun! We danced a few different times on the field, interacted with the fans, signed autographs, took pictures, and did a few interviews. I was even able to see T-Rac being his usual self. The fans were great, and I was so excited to see even more Titans fans.


After Ohana Day ended, we were able to grab a quick lunch in our dressing room, before starting our pregame rehearsal with the network. This was when all the performers involved in the show were able to do a run through and cameras were setting their shots. I cried....again. We've done a voice-over introducing ourselves, which will be played as we walk forward individually. Hearing me say my name over the speakers was a moment that is hard to sum up. I was just so proud and honored, once again. Dancing on stage with Train and seeing all the sweet little hula dancers and ukulele players and watching how the show will all come together was really neat. In rehearsals we've been trying to envision how all of this will run, and this was the first time seeing it all done together. It was priceless moment for me.

We headed back to the hotel to quickly change, and are off to the NFL Sponsor Party to perform. From there, we will head to the Block Party, where there's estimated to be about 70,000 people!! I can't wait! We will rotate around 6 different stages, performing some of our routines. This is all so exciting.

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