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All-Time Starting Quarterbacks | 2000s

2009 (8-8)
Date W-L Opp. Starter
Sept. 10 L at Pittsburgh Collins
Sept. 20 L Houston Collins
Sept. 27 L at N.Y. Jets Collins
Oct. 4 L at Jacksonville Collins
Oct. 11 L Indianapolis Collins
Oct. 18 L at New England Collins
Nov. 1 W Jacksonville Young
Nov. 8 W at San Francisco Young
Nov. 15 W Buffalo Young
Nov. 23 W at Houston Young
Nov. 29 W Arizona Young
Dec. 6 L at Indianapolis Young
Dec. 13 W St. Louis Young
Dec. 20 W Miami Young
Dec. 25 L San Diego Young
Jan. 3 W at Seattle Young
Young (8-2), Collins (0-6)
2008 (13-3)
Date W-L Opp. Starter
Sept. 7 W Jacksonville Young
Sept. 14 W at Cincinnati Collins
Sept. 21 W Houston Collins
Sept. 28 W Minnesota Collins
Oct. 5 W at Baltimore Collins
Oct. 19 W at Kansas City Collins
Oct. 27 W Indianapolis Collins
Nov. 2 W Green Bay Collins
Nov. 9 W at Chicago Collins
Nov. 16 W at Jacksonville Collins
Nov. 23 L N.Y. Jets Collins
Nov. 27 W at Detroit Collins
Dec. 7 W Cleveland Collins
Dec. 14 L at Houston Collins
Dec. 21 W Pittsburgh Collins
Dec. 28 L at Indianapolis Collins
Jan. 10 L (P) Baltimore Collins
Young (1-0), Collins (12-3, 0-1)
2007 (10-6)
Date W-L Opp. Starter
Sept. 9 W at Jacksonville Young
Sept. 16 L Indianapolis Young
Sept. 24 W at New Orleans Young
Oct. 7 W Atlanta Young
Oct. 14 L at Tampa Bay Young
Oct. 21 W at Houston Collins
Oct. 28 W Oakland Young
Nov. 4 W Carolina Young
Nov. 11 L Jacksonville Young
Nov. 19 L at Denver Young
Nov. 25 L at Cincinnati Young
Dec. 2 W Houston Young
Dec. 9 L San Diego Young
Dec. 16 W at Kansas City Young
Dec. 23 W N.Y. Jets Young
Dec. 30 W at Indianapolis Young
Wild Card
Jan. 6 L (P) at San Diego Young
Young (9-6, 0-1), Collins (1-0)
2006 (8-8)
Date W-L Opp. Starter
Sept. 10 L N.Y. Jets Collins
Sept. 17 L at San Diego Collins
Sept. 24 L at Miami Collins
Oct. 1 L Dallas Young
Oct. 8 L at Indianapolis Young
Oct. 15 W at Washington Young
Oct. 29 W Houston Young
Nov. 5 L at Jacksonville Young
Nov. 12 L Baltimore Young
Nov. 19 W at Philadelphia Young
Nov. 26 W N.Y. Giants Young
Dec. 3 W Indianapolis Young
Dec. 10 W at Houston Young
Dec. 17 W Jacksonville Young
Dec. 24 W at Buffalo Young
Dec. 31 L New England Young
Young (8-5), Collins (0-3)
2005 (4-12)
Date W-L Opp. Starter
Sept. 11 L at Pittsburgh McNair
Sept. 18 W Baltimore McNair
Sept. 25 L at St. Louis McNair
Oct. 2 L Indianapolis McNair
Oct. 9 W at Houston McNair
Oct. 16 L Cincinnati McNair
Oct. 23 L at Arizona Volek
Oct. 30 L Oakland McNair
Nov. 6 L at Cleveland McNair
Nov. 20 L Jacksonville McNair
Nov. 27 W San Francisco McNair
Dec. 4 L at Indianapolis McNair
Dec. 11 W Houston McNair
Dec. 18 L Seattle McNair
Dec. 24 L at Miami McNair
Jan. 1 L at Jacksonville Mauck
McNair (4-10), Volek (0-1), Mauck (0-1)
2004 (5-11)
Date W-L Oppon. Starter
Sept.11 W at Miami McNair
Sept.19 L Indianapolis McNair
Sept. 26 L Jacksonville McNair
Oct. 3 L at San Diego Volek
Oct. 11 W at Green Bay McNair
Oct. 17 L Houston McNair
Oct. 24 L at Minnesota McNair
Oct. 31 W Cincinnati Volek
Nov. 14 L Chicago Volek
Nov. 21 W at Jacksonville McNair
Nov. 28 L at Houston McNair
Dec. 5 L at Indianapolis Volek
Dec. 13 L Kansas City Volek
Dec. 19 L at Oakland Volek
Dec. 25 L Denver Volek
Jan. 2 W Detroit Volek
Volek (2-6), McNair (3-5)
2003 (12-4)
Date W-L Oppon. Starter
Sept. 7 W Oakland McNair
Sept. 14 L at Indianapolis McNair
Sept. 21 W New Orleans McNair
Sept. 28 W at Pittsburgh McNair
Oct. 5 L at New England McNair
Oct. 12 W Houston McNair
Oct. 19 W at Carolina McNair
Oct. 26 W at Jacksonville McNair
Nov. 9 W Miami McNair
Nov. 16 W Jacksonville McNair
Nov. 23 W at Atlanta McNair
Dec. 1 L at N.Y. Jets McNair
Dec. 7 L at Indianapolis McNair
Dec. 14 W Buffalo Volek
Dec. 21 W at Houston McNair
Dec. 28 W Tampa Bay O'Donnell
Wild Card
Jan. 3 W (P) at Baltimore McNair
Jan. 10 L (P) at New England McNair
McNair (10-4, 1-1), Volek (1-0), O'Donnell (1-0)
2002 (11-5)
Date W-L Oppon. Starter
Sept. 8 W Philadelphia McNair
Sept. 15 L at Dallas McNair
Sept. 22 L Cleveland McNair
Sept. 28 L at Oakland McNair
Oct. 6 L Washington McNair
Oct. 13 W Jacksonville McNair
Oct. 27 W at Cincinnati McNair
Nov. 3 W at Indianapolis McNair
Nov. 10 W Houston McNair
Nov. 17 W Pittsburgh McNair
Nov. 24 L at Baltimore McNair
Dec. 1 W at N.Y. Giants McNair
Dec. 8 W Indianapolis McNair
Dec. 16 W New England McNair
Dec. 22 W at Jacksonville McNair
Dec. 29 W at Houston McNair
Jan. 11 W (P) Pittsburgh McNair
AFC Championship
Jan. 19 L (P) at Oakland McNair
McNair (11-5, 1-1)
2001 (7-9)
Date W-L Oppon. Starter
Sept. 9 L Miami McNair
Sept. 23 L at Jacksonville O'Donnell
Oct. 7 L at Baltimore McNair
Oct. 14 W Tampa Bay McNair
Oct. 21 W at Detroit McNair
Oct. 29 L at Pittsburgh McNair
Nov. 4 W Jacksonville McNair
Nov. 12 L Baltimore McNair
Nov. 18 W at Cincinnati McNair
Nov. 25 L Pittsburgh McNair
Dec. 2 W at Cleveland McNair
Dec. 9 L at Minnesota McNair
Dec. 16 W Green Bay McNair
Dec. 22 W at Oakland McNair
Dec. 30 L Cleveland McNair
Jan. 6 L Cincinnati McNair
McNair (7-8), O'Donnell (0-1)
2000 (13-3)
Date W-L Oppon. Starter
Sept. 3 L at Buffalo McNair
Sept. 10 W Kansas City McNair
Sept. 24 W at Pittsburgh O'Donnell
Oct. 1 W N.Y. Giants McNair
Oct. 8 W at Cincinnati McNair
Oct. 16 W Jacksonville McNair
Oct. 22 W at Baltimore McNair
Oct. 30 W at Washington McNair
Nov. 5 W Pittsburgh McNair
Nov. 12 L Baltimore McNair
Nov. 19 W Cleveland McNair
Nov. 26 L at Jacksonville McNair
Dec. 3 W at Philadelphia McNair
Dec. 10 W Cincinnati McNair
Dec. 17 W at Cleveland McNair
Dec. 25 W Dallas McNair
Jan. 7 L (P) Baltimore McNair
McNair (12-3, 0-1), O'Donnell (1-0)