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Cheerleader Spotlight: Evony

Posted Oct 31, 2017

Our Cheerleader Spotlight is shining on our Line 3 Captain, Evony. The most senior Cheerleader in her sixth Titans season, Evony is originally from Clarksville, TN.

What is your current full-time job?
My current full-time job is with Tesla. I am in Sales so if you need a new car or a tech host, let me know!

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What is your secret to balancing your full-time job and being a TTC?
The most important key to balancing a full-time job with being a TTC is communication. I'm still struggling with this today, but if your directors and bosses have a clear understanding on your motives and whereabouts, it makes your day to day life seamless.

You have been a TTC for 6 years now! What do you think has changed the most from being a rookie to being a 6th year?
When I first joined the team, I didn't know how to be a professional in the workplace. Through the first training camp, I learned how to be professional at work and on appearances.

What surprised you the most about the role of TTC Captain?
What surprises me the most about being captain are the small details in dances that have to be perfected and addressed so the entire team can look in unison.

Where have you traveled on behalf of the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders?
I had the honor to represent the NFL in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and then on a military tour in Singapore and Diego Garcia. I still can't believe I went to those places as a cheerleader. It was a dream come true.

Which of those travel locations was your favorite and why?
Singapore and Diego Garcia were my favorite travel locations. When we (Andrea from the Cardinals, Samara from the Jets, Manny from the BC Lions and Cameron Lynch from the Buccaneers) went to Singapore, it was during the Chinese New Year so were able to enjoy the Chinese parades and the art throughout the country. Furthermore, Diego Garcia is absolutely beautiful. It's very tropical and the water is clear blue. The military personnel were so inspirational and it was an honor to give them a piece of home.   

What does it mean to you to be featured as the 2017 Titans Cheerleading Calendar cover girl?
Being a 2017 Titans Cheerleading Calendar Cover Girl exceeded my expectations. I never imagined myself on the cover. To have that type of recognition is an incredible honor.

Of all the appearances that you have gone to as a TTC, which was your favorite?
Each and every appearance is fantastic and blows my mind every single time. However, I'll never forget teaching the Pleasant View Cheer camp to roughly 50-75 young girls. Seeing their faces light up with excitement to learn cheer choreography that one of my teammates and I created was beyond rewarding. The camp ran a full day and I did it several summers in a row. During our lunch break one year, Chris (a father of one of the cheerleaders) brought his pet parrot so we got to meet and dance with it! The camp was held at their huge 12 car garage next to their house. They had an abundance of kittens and a dog too!

What is your favorite TTC dance routine?
My favorite TTC dance routine was our Hispanic dance routine to “Gasolina” my rookie year. We wore festive white t-shirts cut and designed by fellow cheerleader, Jalanda.

What is your favorite part about gameday?
My favorite part about gameday is the crowd’s energy when we make a touchdown!

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
Every morning, I have the privilege to open my eyes, look to the right of my abdomen and view my sweet kitty boy Simba sleeping while my other cat Platinum is sleeping at my feet. His eyes are usually closed when I open mine. Then, I raise my right hand and gracefully graze his furry head as his eyes slowly open. He then stretches and I stretch to get out the bed. Then, I check my text messages and my modern newspaper, also known as Twitter before getting ready for work.

What is your greatest fear?
My fears have changed drastically over the last few years. My greatest fear now is not getting into veterinarian school.

What do you do on your (very few) days off?
My days working are spent on others while off days are all about taking care of myself such as working out, nail maintenance and catching up with loved ones.   
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What is your favorite thing to do in Nashville?
My favorite thing to do in Nashville is to hike at Percy Warner! If I have 2 hours to spare during the day, I spend it there!

What is one thing you cannot live without?
One thing I cannot live without are my cats. I'm complete with them.

What is your favorite way to get a workout in?
The best way to workout is hiking no doubt. Especially in the summer, you can sweat a lot and get a great a cardio workout.

What would be your advice to anyone who is thinking about auditioning next year?
If you're considering auditions, have a strict diet and workout. Don't lie to yourself.

Something you would like to say to Titans fans: