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Broncos QB Peyton Manning on Cold Weather Sunday: "It's Not a Factor"

Posted Dec 4, 2013


(on whether he has received a lot of wedding invitations)

No, I don’t think so.

(on whether his wedding RSVP will send off a trend)

I’m not sure.

(on almost signing with the Titans during the 2012 offseason)

I’m not really into going back memory lane during the course of a game week. We’re playing a tough opponent, but I really enjoyed my time with the Titans’ staff, getting to know Coach Munchak and Ruston Webster. I had a couple conversations with Mr. Adams, and they were first class. I enjoyed my visit, enjoyed my time. Obviously, it was a very difficult decision for me. There was a part of you that kind of wanted to go to each team you were considering, kind of like when you’re choosing a college. I’m not sure there’s any one perfect decision. There’s a lot of great things about a lot of NFL teams, and I enjoyed the time that I spent with the Titans organization. Obviously, I had to pick one place. You can only go to one place, and I picked Denver. I’ve worked hard every day to try and make it a good choice.

(on familiarity with the Titans)

It’s hard to say. They have new players I guess from the last time I played them in certain positions. Obviously, I’m still trying to get to know them. We’ve played a couple of division games these past few weeks. We have a little more familiarity with the players we’re playing against. We’re working real hard to get to know the Titans’ personnel, the players, but they’re playing really well on defense, very stingy on third down. They can create a lot of problems in the run game and in the pass game. It’s a good challenge to get ready for a tough team to play.

(on working out for the Titans in Knoxville during the 2012 offseason)

I just don’t know if this is the time to go into all that. That was such a whirlwind. That process really was a very public process. It was hard to do things kind of in peace. I ended up working out for them in Knoxville. Like I said, I really enjoyed getting to know Dowell Loggains, really enjoyed spending some time with him. I played against Coach Munchak’s teams for many years when he was the offensive line coach. I enjoyed spending some time with him, really enjoyed that time. That was kind of a unique workout I guess, but like I said, I enjoyed the time with them.

(on adjusting to the cold weather)

That’s not a problem. We’ve played in it before. You deal with it in practice quite often, so it’s not a factor.

(on rebounding after an injury)

Well, certainly a lot of players have been injured and had to deal with injuries. I certainly had various injuries that I had to deal with but never one as serious as the one I had that causes you to miss a whole season. It’s a serious injury, kind of a unique injury where you couldn’t get a definite timetable or a definite answer from anyone. It was just kind of a lot of wait and see because you’re dealing with nerves. Like I said, just a lot of unknowns. I had nothing as far as a string of health since I was 15 years old starting quarterback my first year on the high school varsity. I really had about 20 years of pretty unbelievable string of health of never having to miss a game. All of a sudden, I got injured and had to miss a season. I wasn’t complaining by any means because I had really been fortunate, but certainly when the doc says, ‘Hey, you’re stable, and everything is physically clear from the next standpoint to play now.’ It’s just a matter of whether you can perform at a level that’s good enough to be a productive quarterback. I had to work real hard to kind of get to that point. I wanted to try if I could make some progress. I wanted to give it my best shot, and I was able to make some progress and certainly have a lot of help along the way. It was very gratifying to get back on that field last year after the hard work and kind of whirlwind I had been through. There’s no question it was gratifying to get out there.

(on having Coach Fox back)

It’s certainly different. Coach Del Rio did an excellent job. You guys are familiar with him from the AFC South. You can see why he was a 10-year NFL coach, and he really did a great job keeping the ship sailing smooth. It’s good to have Coach Fox back. We’ve been certainly concerned about his health and kept in contact with him during the time he was off. I know he’s glad to be back. I’m sure he’s hoping for that, but the players were excited to see him as well.

(on whether Eric Decker’s confidence received a boost after Sunday’s four-touchdown performance)

I sure do hope so. Eric (Decker) had an outstanding year last year. He’s definitely a huge part of our offense. Sometimes these wide receivers, you kind of never know when it’s going to be your day. I know there were probably a couple games where Eric might have been frustrated. He wasn’t maybe scoring as many touchdowns as some of the other guys. All of a sudden, you catch four in one game. It was a credit to him. He was focused and kept working hard in practice. He’s battled through some injuries like a lot of players are during this time. It really was an outstanding performance by him against a really good team on the road at Kansas City. Like I said, he’s been a big part of our offense all season.

(on the Titans’ defense and the challenges Jurrell Casey presents)

Like I said, they’re a solid defense. Obviously, when you look at defenses, you start with the guys up front. They’re disruptive against the run and disruptive against the pass. It’s a credit to those guys playing. You mentioned (Jurrell) Casey, he’s an excellent player.

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