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Chiefs QB Alex Smith on Titans: "This Will be a Great Challenge for Us"

Posted Oct 2, 2013


(on Alterraun Verner’s impressive month and the Titans’ defense)

I think he’s definitely made some nice plays on the ball. To me, I think both guys are playing really well. I think (Jason) McCourty’s played really well on the other side as well. Both guys play to their strengths really well. You know, he’s playing really good football. They’re both physical at times. They’re both playing well, just playing sound football. I think that goes for the whole defense. I don’t know if there’s one person that stands out for me. I think you definitely see a physical unit. The unit’s really setting the tempo with taking the football, they’re a really good front. They throw a lot at you with a lot of different schemes going on over there, different things that give you problems with. They’re playing fast, they’re playing physical, and across the board I think that jumps out at me. (They’re) big up front and in the secondary. They’re a fast, physical team playing really good football right now.

(on the importance of winning the turnover battle against the Titans)

I haven’t watched much of their offense because we’ve been pretty focused on their defense. I think it’s just such a universal stat that when you win the turnover battle, you’ve given yourself a good chance to win a football game. Just look at that stat—over time in this football league there’s a pretty high correlation to winning. Mainly, we just need to go out there and execute and make plays. If you protect the football, you play sound football, you’re going to put yourself in good situations more than not. You know, you just look at the numbers and it speaks to it—getting (turnovers) on defense, not turning it over on offense, and then winning games.

(on what he expects from a defense influenced by Gregg Williams)

You know, an aggressive unit. Like I said, they would try to set the tempo. They were physical—physical in the front, physical in the secondary. They’d throw a lot at you. I definitely think you can see a lot of that here on film. They play fast. Once again, their physicality jumps out at you across the board, bringing pressure against the quarterback, causing problems.

(on whether Kansas City’s system is a good fit and why)

Yeah, I think it’s been a great fit. It’s still a work in progress, and I’m still learning a lot of things that we’re going through for the first time with being together for the first time. But, I think coming from the west coast offense with a version of it in San Francisco and then coming here there was some carryover, which was nice. The west coast offense in general I think kind of plays to my strength. We do a lot of different things and not just throw the ball down the field.

(on Tyler Bray adjusting to the NFL)

I think he’s doing a great job. From day one he’s come in and he’s worked hard. He had a great camp when he was competing for the job. He did a great job when he got in the game of just playing. I think it’s hard for young players sometimes. Sometimes there’s so much offense coming from college to the NFL, and guys are so big that sometimes they play slow. Tyler (Bray) does a great job once he gets on the field of just playing football. He’s definitely a gifted player as far as throwing the ball. He’s come in and he’s worked hard. I think he’s learning a lot, and I can’t say enough good things about him. He’s come in and earned some respect.

(on the importance of this game)

I mean, every week’s big. They’re all hard. I don’t necessarily think the record you put out…sometimes it can be deceiving. Every game is big and you want to win every single game and they’re all really hard to win. This one’s no different. This is a good football team that’s playing really good football right now. We’re on the road at their place, so it’ll be a great challenge for us, no question. I think we’ve got our hands full and it’ll take a full week of preparation and we’re just going to go out there and execute on Sunday.

(on whether the team that wins this game will get a big boost heading into the rest of the season)

It’s hard to tell. I don’t know enough about what’s going on there. I certainly think to win is a big deal in this league. Like I said, anytime you can get a W, they’re big. This week is no different for either team. Trying to get a win is very important and continuing the next quarter of the season what each of us have done in the first quarter.

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