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Coach Fisher's Monday Press Conference

Posted Nov 9, 2009


(on if Chris Johnson stepped out of bounds)

I don’t know if we’ll ever know the answer to that. The shot that I believe the referee got shows the heel over the white, but it doesn’t show it on the white. The assumption is that he’s out of bounds. The coaching tape is similar to that of the truck. What was interesting was the jumbotron shot that really initiated the challenge for them, I thought really shows the heel up in the air not on the sideline. It’s kind of one of those deals. If you’re not looking at it to see if the heel’s up or down or not and you look at the shot the referee got under the hood, oh he clearly steps out of bounds. With the heel up in my opinion, he didn’t. So, we’ll move on.

(on the referee overturning the call)

Again, you’re looking for indisputable visual evidence to overturn a call on the field. As you look at play after play after play, you would assume that he stepped on the line. That’s the uniqueness of this call. I think it speaks volumes about the uniqueness of our replay system. There’s things that come up all the time. I can see, when the referee came to me after the series was over and said he clearly stepped out. I said, ‘Well his heel wasn’t down.’ He says, ‘He was out of bounds, the shot shows he was out of bounds.’ I said, ‘The heel wasn’t down.’ He said, ‘We can discuss this all day long.’ I don’t know if you saw the Colts game yesterday, but the replay challenge right before half on the fumble, that’s what replay is there for, to sort those things out.

(on if wearing white shoes and having a white out of bounds line was a factor)

It’s not. You’re talking about inbounds being green and white being out of bounds. That had nothing to do with it.

(on Chris Johnson’s offensive consistency)

That play in particular just showed if you’re playing uncommon opponents, it’s hard to adjust to his speed especially on the edge, what he does to angles. You start taking flatter angles, you’re dealing with cutback. Our guys up front are doing a nice job. Everybody’s contributing: the fullback, the tight ends, the receivers. They’re doing a nice job.

(on Chris Johnson’s increase in workload)

I think it’s the nature of the teams we’ve played. I’d like to see LenDale (White) get more carries, but it’s just the nature of the teams we’ve played. We felt like we needed, our run game, we need to beat them with the speed. We did and nobody has done that this year.

(on Alvin Pearman)

I thought he made good decisions. We need to get him some help. We need to do a better job of executing our blocks.

(on if Alvin Pearman will continue to return kicks for now)

At this point, yeah I think we will. The roster is still, there’s some uncertainty on the roster with Dave (Stewart). We’ll have to see how Dave comes on this week and how Mike Otto comes on this week.

(on if Alvin Pearman will be the number one option for kick returns)

I’m saying this, I said I thought he made good decisions and ran the football. We need to get him some help. As far as me making a change, the roster’s in flux right now. So, I’m expecting him to do both returns this weekend.

(on Chris Johnson slowing down on the touchdown run)

I think he knew once 52 (Patrick Willis) was nowhere in the vicinity that no one was going to catch him. Willis on the field yesterday was the only one that could catch him. I have to compliment him and his play because I have not seen an effort out of a linebacker like I’ve seen out of the effort out of him. C.J. would have had three more touchdowns yesterday had he not been on the field. It was an outstanding defensive effort by Patrick Willis.

(on if he prefers Chris Johnson not slowing down before reaching the end zone)

We had a couple things that we need to get cleaned up. We just need to finish the play. It’s not something that C.J. hasn’t done before.

(on using the option)

I thought they did a nice job adjusting to something that was different. I think time will tell as we continue to game plan the future opponents, we’ll see how people adjust.

(on Leroy Harris’ affect on the game plan)

We did not make any changes from the time Dave (Stewart) injured his hamstring to the time we kicked off. We stuck with our offensive game plan which I think speaks volumes of what Leroy’s able to do.

(on it not being an easy position for Leroy Harris to step into)

No, I know it. That’s a very difficult thing to do, especially in the National Football League when you’re going up against a good defense like this. That’s why I said after the game and I’ll repeat myself again, that was a tremendous effort by Leroy, by Munch (Mike Munchak) and by the offense, the tight ends to get him ready to play as well as he played in the short period of time.

(on Vince Young’s quarterback rollout pass to Bo Scaife)

It was a good decision by Vince. It was a very, very poised decision. Bo was the number one receiver on the route. He just waited until they dropped and put the ball over his head.

(on Chris Johnson’s touchdown run on fourth down)

There was an adjustment, goal line defensive adjustment on the fourth and goal. We had that play in the game plan that I thought would have walked, but they made the adjustment. When we saw two guys on the outside edge, there was some concern. C.J. just makes them miss. That’s what happens. Sometimes players need to make plays. Sometimes you can’t do everything, draw it all up perfectly and guess right all the time as coaches. Sometimes they just have to make plays. That’s what’s been happening the last couple of weeks: Justin’s (Gage) catch, both catches by Justin Gage were huge catches in this game, balls that are being tipped, Jacob Ford’s rush that caused the ball to come out empty handed and things like that. Those are the bounces that we didn’t get that we’re getting right now. Players are making plays.

(on the neutral zone infractions by the defensive line)

We have to get that cleaned up. We had third-and-one, fourth-and-one neutral zone violations where we had the ball back and we allowed drives to continue. We’ve got to get that straight. Alex (Smith) did a nice job with the hard count and all that. We need to stay focused. It might have to do with the fact that we had seven up rather than eight. William (Hayes) had his best game to date and was playing a lot of special teams and they were tired. The hardest thing to do, as I say over and over, is to rush the passer in the fourth quarter. It’s the most physically taxing thing in this game. Still, you have to stay focused and concentrate.

(on if the penalties on the defensive line were hard count related)

We had one where we were lined up in the neutral zone and the rest were hard count.

(on Gerald McRath)

He was solid. He was enthusiastic like we expected. He made his plays and was in the right place. We put him in some challenging situations earlier in the game and we manned-up to start the game. He responded and in addition to that he maintained a high level of production on special teams.

(on balls starting to bounce the teams way)

Well, let me clarify myself. The ball that bounced into Rod’s (Hood) hands was a result of a great close and route recognition number one, and an athletic play by Michael Griffin. Mike’s on the sideline and he breaks up the pass and we get the deflection. We’re making these happen. They didn’t happen before. Those balls hit the ground and now we’re catching them. We just have to continue. The team’s healed up, we’re healthy. It’s good to get the DB’s back. We’re hopeful that Nick (Harper) will come back here in the next week or so. We’re running the football and we’re protecting it. When you can do that you can win games.

(on being optimistic about getting Javon Ringer and Mike Otto back for Buffalo)

I’m more optimistic than I was last week.

(on Vince Young)

He was consistent. He did exactly what we expected him to do in this ball game. He managed the line of scrimmage. He made his adjustments and his checks. He used his legs. He grasped new concepts that we put in with enthusiasm and he gave players a chance to make plays with the football.


(on Mike Heimerdinger’s play calling)

We’ve had these things in, but now we have the opportunity to call them. We called a halfback pass on the goal line. There’s a lot more for people to defend now which will hopefully give us some opportunities.

(on the half back pass by Chris Johnson)

He couldn’t find the handle. Bo (Scaife) flashed real early and C.J. couldn’t find the handle. Once he got it, he made a good decision to just throw it away.

(on if Vince Young is more mature)

I believe that this experience has been good for him. He’s made the most of it. He’s approaching things professionally, he’s focused, he’s not distracted, he’s excited about each and every play. He wants more, he wants to do more which is where he should be.

(on if he’s looked at Buffalo)

I’ve not had a chance, no.

(on how close David Thornton was to playing)

He was close. I felt like we made the right decision just because I think Dave may have struggled at some point. I just think he’s going to need a few more days rest.

(on Justin Gage)

He’s really sore. It’s like he fell off a ladder. That was a great catch, but he’s sore. We’re going to do some tests to make sure he’s ok.

(on if he’s concerned about a few players being in Kyle Vanden Bosch’s wrestling event tonight)

No, I think they’ll behave. Kyle will keep them under wraps I’m sure.

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