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Coach Fisher's Monday Press Conference

Posted Oct 26, 2009


(on Vincent Fuller and Cortland Finnegan)

We’ll report on their status as we go through the week. We did have a productive weekend, from that standpoint, in the training room, rehab and things are going along well for us. We’re required to report Wednesday, Thursday, Friday on their status. Our rules are typically this: if you’re unable to practice then you’re required to stay behind for treatment. They did, we had a very successful weekend as far as that’s concerned. Part of the bye week process for us is just about over. The first step in it was the first four days on the practice field and in the meetings working on a lot of the subtle things that we need to work on. The second process which I think is equally important was the weekend. Players need to get away. I thought as we cut them loose late in the week they understood that they needed to get away, get recharged and refreshed. They’ll be returning tomorrow. We’ll have a lifting session, some meetings tomorrow and we’ll get an early start on Jacksonville.

(on the team getting away from negativity)

We discussed it at length on Thursday. I’m quite confident and optimistic that they’re going to come back charged-up and looking forward to coming back to work.

(on if the defense is different with Vincent Fuller and Cortland Finnegan)

They would bring the experience back, the anticipation, the experience and the communication things. I think the safeties would be a little more settled, if you will, to have guys they’ve been playing alongside with for several years back on the field.

(on Kerry Collins)

Both quarterbacks had a good week, but he had an especially good week last week.

(on Kerry Collins being the starting quarterback)

I’m not going to go into details about the lineup changes, that’s a competitive issue.

(on how many lineup changes are possible)

There may be one, there may be 22. I don’t know.

(on if the lineup changes are minor)

Yes, I’m following along with that. There are some little things. We may play players more, we may play players less. We may deactivate a player or two that’s been active.

(on not winning the battle of field position on special teams)

Early in games field position has been really important for us, and was a contributing factor in the loss at the Jets. We’ve given up a couple of returns. We’ve actually shown improvement I think over the last couple of weeks in our return game, which has been good. Field position has largely been affected by turnovers. We’re minus-10 right now and that’s a huge swing from last year. Turnovers are obviously the thing for us to get back on track. We have to protect the football. That’s clear and obvious.

(on keeping the same five offensive lineman on the field the entire game)

As far as that’s concerned, I think our offensive line has done an adequate job if not better than that, blocking for the running backs and protecting the quarterback.

(on the message to the team)

The message is that it’s a one day at a time approach and it’s to come back with energy, enthusiasm and excitement about putting together a good week of practice. Get ready to win a game and don’t dwell on what’s happened in the past. Just look ahead.

(on Javon Ringer’s performance at New England)

He did exactly what we thought he would do. We’re seeing that on the practice field when he’s getting reps. He kind of carried over what he did in the preseason in his first opportunity.

(on if Javon Ringer is in a position to get more of a role)

There’s not enough balls to go around. I wouldn’t hesitate to put him in if there’s an issue. We’ve got C.J. (Chris Johnson) who’s second in the league in rushing and LenDale (White) who’s proven he’s capable of doing it.

(on the training camp approach)

It was modified because of five preseason games. It was modified ever so slightly because of the commitment we had to the offseason and the offseason program, and the attendance and the participation. It was really not a whole lot different than the training camp I had last year.

(on if it is a benefit to face a familiar opponent after a bye week)

Anytime you play a familiar opponent there’s an advantage. There’s going to be things on both sides of the ball, hitches that the coordinators didn’t use. Whenever a game is over we sit down and note in detail what we would have done differently, what went well for us and what didn’t. Those types of things are fresh in our mind.

(on whether the Jaguars have become more of a 3-4 defensive unit)

Their defense, it’s improving. You can see it. It’s improving every week in the new system. It’s a 3-4 defense that will throw different variations at you that certainly will change things up now on third down a little more so than they were earlier. They’re a little more multiple. But they’re playing well. They’ve got good size up front, they’ve got certainly good speed at the linebacker position, and the secondary is a very active secondary.

(on Quentin Groves and Derrick Harvey fitting into the Jaguars defense)

I think both of them have fit in. They’re very good at not putting either one of them in situations where a mismatch will be created. They do a good job rocking and rolling the defense based on formations and motions to put them in positions where largely they’re outside edge run defenders or pass rushers.

(on what Kerry Collins needs to do to improve)

Well, it’s really no different than what we’ve been saying since Week 1. It’s we have to improve around him. We have to get open. We have to make the tight catch. You know, we have to run after catch. We have to make more plays. He’s putting the ball where he needs to put it for the most part, and we just need to help him. And the team itself is important. The defense has to play better, get the ball back, get the turnovers, get more drives and get him some field position opportunities.

(on why he might be disguising the quarterback situation)

We’ve had a week to do some different things. Especially considering the circumstances with the record, there are things that you need to do differently. Let’s just say I am not going to be as specific and open-ended from a competitive standpoint.

(on if he still has confidence in Collins)

Yes, never lost confidence in him.

(on the potential to play Vince Young in situational packages)

There’s always that potential. Let me just say that, and I’ll stop it there.

(on the development of Jaguars wide receivers Mike Sims-Walker)

He’s really improved, and he’s gotten through the injuries. He’s making the plays outside. They’ve done a nice job with Marcedes (Lewis), getting him more involved in the offense. Torry (Holt), his experience has proven worthy. David (Garrard) is certainly much more comfortable with him now. Each week he shows that, when you have that experience, a receiver that still has the skills, he understands the importance of taking advantage of that.

(on the Jaguars’ philosophy of running the ball and playing good defense being similar to the Titans’ philosophy)

Yeah, I think with the exception of the Colts, that’s kind of the philosophy in the division.

(on if Vince Young grasps the offense and is ready to play)

I think he, along with a lot of the players that are in backup roles, took advantage of their opportunities last week.

(on reasons the NFL offenses currently appear to be at an advantage against NFL defenses)

It’s hard for me to explain. You first, I guess, have to go to injuries, if offenses are healthy. Defensively, one or two key injuries to a defensive unit can affect it. We’re still enjoying the benefits of good weather. Offenses are rolling, getting in sync now. This is probably about the time now when you expect to see a lot of points. The points I think begin to diminish as the weather turns.

(on looking back at what he would have done differently over the season’s first six weeks)

You know, yeah, won six games. No, we worked hard each week. I’m proud of the way the players have withstood the difficulties and come back each week. I’m looking forward to seeing them tomorrow in the building and getting started again.

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