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Coach Munchak's Dec. 20 Practice Report

Posted Dec 20, 2013


(on whether it will be difficult for David Stewart to play given his limited practice availability and injuries)

It is hard. I think it makes it a lot harder. He has done it, but we’re going to kind of look at that tomorrow and decide on Sunday how we want to handle it.

(on whether David Stewart will be shut down for the remainder of the season)

We’ll take it one at a time. We’ve done it before. He has missed a couple games now for that reason, so we’ll definitely have to consider that once we see where he’s at and really with the rest, how he feels next week. This week, we’ll make the decision on him tomorrow and go from there.

(on Mike Martin’s injury and availability Sunday)

He had the ankle. It just happened yesterday. It just happened in practice running scout team. The good thing is he came out and practiced today. We’re assuming he’s going to be OK, but it’s just something that happened at practice.

(on getting Mike Otto and Byron Stingily reps if David Stewart can’t play)

We’re looking at both of them. They both got reps. We’re trying to get (Byron) Stingily more and more reps because we would like to get him an opportunity to play. He played last year and did a pretty good job. Worst case is we suit him up, but he got a lot of work today which was good. The thing about (David) Stewart not practicing in Bryon got a lot of work. Mike (Otto) didn’t really need as much because he has played both sides. That gives us a chance to play either one or both.

(on Jordan Todman stepping up for the Jaguars)

He played well. They’re finding ways, guys are stepping up, and that’s the time of year that happens. Guys are excited about their opportunities, and he took full advantage of that. They ran the ball well last week I thought against the Bills. Again, it doesn’t matter who plays. We know they’re going to try to run the ball on us without a doubt with all the receivers being hurt. He’s very capable, and he showed that last week.

(on differences between Jordan Todman and Maurice Jones-Drew)

(Maurice) Jones-Drew is kind of one of those special guys. We’ve had a lot of trouble tackling the guy. (Jordan Todman) is not built like that, just doesn’t have that kind of size and experience. It’s a different kind of guy that this time of year is dangerous. He wants to have two back-to-back good games I’m sure. That’ll be our challenge stopping the run.

(on the importance of stopping the run)

We have to stop that these next two games. We want to win, but we want to stop the run.  We feel if we stop the run, we have the advantage hopefully in both games. This one is the main one right now. We have to be able to stop it on defense, and we got to quit turning the ball over on offense.

(on Derrick Morgan’s sack total and his performance this season)

It’s hard because everyone just looks at defensive ends and says, ‘How many sacks do you have?’ They judge by that. We said the same thing last year; he wins a lot more than he gets credit for. As far as the sack total, he helps create sacks for other people. Him and (Jurrell) Casey work well together. He has helped Casey get some of his sacks because he wins and flushes the quarterback. He works hard, does a great job keeping himself healthy after he had that tough run earlier in his career. That’s the hard part for him because everyone wants to post a big number, everyone wants double digits. He’s going to have to come out really strong these next two games. Like last week, he must have won four or five times one-on-one and had three hits on the quarterback, but you look at the deal, and there’s no sacks. That’s what is hard for a D-lineman to take because unfortunately that’s how everyone looks at it. He’s having a nice, good, solid football year.

(on getting more sacks)

We have to as a team. There’s no doubt. I think the more we make teams pass, hopefully those numbers will get better. The last so many games it’s been more of teams running on us. As (Keith) Millard always tells them, you got to earn the right to rush the passer by stopping the run. Unfortunately, the second half of the season, we haven’t stopped the run as well as we did the first half. We were getting the sacks. When you look at those numbers, you think the sacks are all on the front end of the season, and the second half of the season we’re not getting as many sacks. Well, it’s more about the fact that teams are running the ball better on us and are handing it off a lot more than they’re throwing it. That takes away from the opportunity.

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