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    The NFL will celebrate its brightest stars of today and tomorrow with new Pro Bowl week festivities in 2017 in Orlando.

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    The 2017 Pro Bowl will feature a return to the traditional AFC vs. NFC game format following three years using a revised, "unconferenced" format. The NFL's best will once again be in the spotlight as 88 players -- 44 from the AFC and 44 from the NFC -- are determined by the consensus votes of fans, players and coaches.

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Coach Munchak's Friday Practice Report

Posted Dec 7, 2012


(on Colin McCarthy being out for Sunday’s game)

Just a concussion. Just not happy with where he’s at right now, and probably good to just rest him for another week.

(on if he felt that Colin McCarthy made progress this week)

Yeah, he’s progressing. I think the more activity, he’s just not quite where he’s ready to actually play in a football game. He’s doing well, and we don’t have any concerns for him, it’s just that he needs to be a little better than he is right now to play in a game on Sunday, so we decided to rule him out.

(on if he prepared for Colin McCarthy’s potential absence)

You prepare that way. Tim Shaw did a good job last week when he had to play about 40 snaps. I think this week these guys play a little more three-wide receiver stuff, so it won’t be maybe as many reps this week because you’ll play more nickel there. I think on both sides of the ball, when you have someone, you always as coaches plan for the guy not being there. It’s always easier if he is at the end of the week. It’s been a tough year for him. It’s been a tough year for Colin (McCarthy), we’ve talked about it quite a bit. Since the first week of having problems and now this part, it’s been frustrating for the team, for him, but that’s unfortunately how it’s been this year. You have to get through it.

(on if Colin McCarthy didn’t pass a test to play)

No, it’s just overall, just not himself yet.

(on Michael Roos’ status for Sunday)

(Michael) Roos is fine. He practiced today. I think he’s feeling OK, like we thought he would. We didn’t overdo it with him, but he practiced, so we’re assuming he’s fine for Sunday.

(on Kamerion Wimbley’s status)

He practiced both days. Unless, again, something shows up tomorrow, I would assume he’s fine for Sunday.

(on Jake Locker’s performance in the no-huddle against Houston)

We had the no-huddle earlier in the game, parts of it where we went in and out to where he did pretty decent there. I think at the end, little bit more than a quarter I guess, we went into more of a two-minute mode because of the score. Why he did better? I don’t know. I think it’s just guys making plays, making throws, getting more opportunities to throw it. When unfortunately you’re throwing the ball that many times in a row, the good thing is for a quarterback, he gets in a rhythm and gets a feel for what the defense is doing. He can come back to the same play on the next play and make it work. I think it gets a little different for quarterbacks when you’re throwing in regular offense, where all of a sudden, you run and you’re handing it off, you’re running it. You don’t see the same defensive package. I think when you’re seeing the same defense, that’s the merit to doing that at times is that you get a lot of the same looks and then you get comfortable and you can start adjusting things quicker. I think that’s what he did. Like we said, if we had made plays, if everyone kind of did it at the same time, it would have been who could have made more plays in that game? We’ll see.

(on if he’s tempted to use the no-huddle more when it sparks a player)

You have to do it to where it’s good for everybody, there are positives and negatives. You’re trying to get everyone in the game, not just the quarterback. You have to get (Chris Johnson) going. All of a sudden, you want to abandon the run game or put yourself in spots. It’s a fine line. There are places in games where I think it works well. Matt (Hasselbeck) did a nice job back when we played Buffalo. I think we went to it in the first drive and it worked. Later on, we went to it and it didn’t work quite as well. The other thing is, if it doesn’t work, you’re off the field in less than a minute and the defense is back out there. I think there is definitely a spot for it in your offense. Most teams carry it now where you do it more often than just two-minute. I think it’s something that he’s comfortable with and it’s something you’ll probably see from us more often.

(on if he expects that Lavelle Hawkins will be active with Damian Williams out on Sunday)

Obviously, we’re down to four (receivers). He should get an opportunity.

(on if he’s thought about bring Michael Preston up from the practice squad)

There’s no doubt, we’re definitely looking at that. Making a move like him, that’d be the next move with the injured reserve guys. That’s something that we could do this week.

(on if that means that Kyle DeVan could be released)

Nope, Kyle DeVan is locked in this week because he’s our swing guy this week. He’s safe. We have other spots, unfortunately, with the injuries we have with making some moves with IR or flip flopping some people. We’ll look elsewhere this week.

(on if he likes what Michael Preston has done in practice)

He’s done a great job. That kid has worked hard, he always has. I think he’s really gotten better throughout this year. You know he gives the defense a great look every practice. He works hard on special teams, he’s a guy that can help you on special teams also. He’s been running our offense. It’s not like all of a sudden, he’d be thrown into the fire. He hasn’t been activated because he’s obviously on practice squad, but he’s gotten a handful of reps the last few weeks because of the injuries. He understands our offense pretty well, so I think it’s something that’d be an easy transition for him.

(on if Tom Moore will be making the trip to Indy this weekend)

Oh yeah, he sure will.

(on if he thinks it’ll be an interesting trip for him)

Yeah, probably. I think it’s so different. If the staff was the same and (Peyton) Manning was there, if all that was the same, it’d probably be a little odd for him. I think now that everything has changed so much with the organization from the GM to the head coach to staff to the players. Still, you’re going back to Indy. It’s still a place he’s been for a long time and been very successful. I think it will probably be a little different for him, being on a different team when he does it.

(on if there is piece of advice that Tom Moore has offered a player that has stuck out in his mind)

He’s been doing some things with the receivers and the quarterbacks and talking with that group mainly, that’s where he’s been spending most of his time other than just watching film with the other coaches and sitting in on the meetings and adding some things he saw. They’re more of reminders, just another way of saying the same thing, but in his way that has worked for him and the places he’s been. That’s what is going on out here, they’re doing some drills. I think that he has added some drills. Especially when the defense is up, he’s been taking the quarterback and at least one receiver at a time and throwing some routes and doing things like that. I think he’s been helpful that way. Like I said, he’s just starting to get comfortable with what we’re doing and really our players. It’s been helpful.

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