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Coach Munchak's Friday Practice Report

Posted Nov 2, 2012


(on David Stewart’s performance in practice this week)

He did everything today, he did all of the team work. It’s adequate enough to where I think in another day or two, he’ll be fine. I’m sure he’s a little stiff and sore, but he got through it. He’ll just get used to the brace, but I think he’ll be fine on Sunday.

(on if they’ve made any decisions regarding Markelle Martin)

We have until next week. As you guys know, a lot can change in one game if there are injuries or something happens. We’re kind of waiting to see how we’re going to go about that next week.

(on if there are any updates on Leroy Harris’ injury)

Not yet. He’s going to get reevaluated again over the weekend and early next week, and we’ll kind of get a better feel for that. Right now, he’s just sore, and it’s just hard to tell to what extent, and how long we’re looking at. We haven’t been able to put a number on that yet.

(on if Leroy Harris will have to go see a specialist)

No, I think it’s more of a little time passing here, and seeing exactly how he’s looking and how he’s responded. Again, it’s one of those where it’s that gray area injury, where some guys it could be worse, some guys could come back quicker and play with certain things. We just have to see what his pain level is and what the healing looks like, and then you decide from there what the next step is.

(on who will start at right guard on Sunday)

Deuce Lutui.

(on if he went with Deuce Lutui because he’s a bigger body on the line)

Again, we don’t know how long it’s going to be. If it’s to finish a game, obviously like Kevin (Matthews) did, that’s where we feel his role is to help us at all three spots. Since this could be a week, could be two weeks, whatever it may be, we think the best thing to do is go with Deuce (Lutui). He has quite a few starts in the league. He’s very comfortable playing right guard, that’s the position he’s played his whole career at Arizona. That way, Kevin can still swing two spots, so if something would happen, we don’t have to make double moves or put more on him to be able to play multiple positions and get ready for the game plan. We just think that’s the best way to go right now with the injury we have.

(on how comfortable Deuce Lutui will be playing right guard)

He’s very comfortable playing, just getting used to our system which again, isn’t a whole lot different. He’s been here long enough now where the speed of the game, he hasn’t had in a while, just like (Mike) Otto didn’t have it. We feel again, the guy has been around, has played seven years, a lot of starts, a lot of big games he’s played in. We feel comfortable that once he gets rolling in the game, he’ll do just fine.

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