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Coach Munchak's Friday Practice Report

Posted Dec 21, 2012


(on if he thought earlier in the week that Kendall Wright would have no chance to play this week)

No, we just didn’t know how sore he was. He’s getting better every day. He’s less sore, and it’s still about doing activity. He’s been doing some of that, but not out here in football. It’s something that he could feel better, like we’ve had before with a couple of other guys. Kenny (Britt) back earlier in the year was sore, and he ended up playing on Sunday. We’re not ruling him out, but we’ll have to wait and see.

(on if Colin McCarthy made it through the week well)

He’s done better, and we’ve been watching his practice, not overworking him, just rolling him into the different packages. He did well yesterday and feels fine, same thing today, I assume. We’ll see how he goes through the weekend, but he should be good, I hope.

(on if it’s unfortunate that it’s been so windy that the team couldn’t get acclimated to the cold weather)

Just get the work done, but the wind was not for the players, it was more for the video guys. Yesterday, definitely, and today wasn’t a whole lot better. We would have rather gone outside, but I don’t know that it’s going to matter a whole lot. It’s not supposed to be windy there, just cool, so I think we’ll be fine.

(on if Kendall Wright has been catching on his own)

Just that way, just as far as catching with the trainers, rehab. Not anything live with us.

(on how much of an issue the cold weather is for guys dealing with a hamstring injury like Damian Williams)

It’s something that’s definitely more of a challenge. That’s why again, he looks good, but you put him as questionable for that reason. You go out there and loosen up and see really where he’s at. I would think once they get warm, again, from what they’re saying, 30 degrees isn’t that cold. To me, when a game is cold is when the wind is blowing like it is today and it’s in the 20s or you’re wet and the wind is blowing. That stuff is hard to play in. If it’s 30 degrees and the wind is mild, that’s not really a big deal.

(on if the players will wear anything on their arms because of the cold)

You know how guys are. (Michael) Roos wears stuff on his arms when it’s 100 degrees out. I think it’s more of what guys are comfortable in. The biggest thing you don’t want to do is overdress. You don’t want to all of a sudden, go overboard. When I was around guys, hell, we used to play in Cleveland and Cincinnati and Pittsburgh every year back when we were the Oilers. Guys get a little carried away sometimes. I think they’ve learned over the years that it isn’t necessary. You’re going to warm up, if you’re playing, you’re going to warm up. Yeah, if you’re not playing, yeah, you can put a jacket on or sit on the bench. There is no reason to overdress, you just want to dress enough to be comfortable. They make good stuff now that the stuff is so thin that it keeps you warm and shouldn’t bother how you play.

(on if Fernando Velasco is going to move back to center with Mitch Petrus starting at guard)

We’re still experimenting with it. We wanted Mitch (Petrus) to get a lot of the reps because he hasn’t had reps. Either way, if he has to play, even if he doesn’t start and someone gets hurt, he hasn’t had any reps. We wanted him to get a ton of work this week, which he did. It’s a short week, but he got a lot of good work in. That way, we feel comfortable that no matter what happens, even if he doesn’t start and he has to play after three snaps, that he’s comfortable playing, whereas (Kyle) DeVan has been here a long time, he’s been getting reps. Fernando (Velasco) has played guard the last four or five weeks, so he’s comfortable. We just wanted to make sure we’re set either way.

(on if going with Fernando Velasco at center will help with Green Bay’s size)

I think it’s on the road, too. On the road, crowd noise, he’s been our center, he’s run the show for us all year at that position, that’s a plus. Also, given the mix, we felt (Mitch Petrus) was probably our best guard if you say who’s a better guard. He hasn’t been here, but you would think he’s the best overall guard, he’s played the position a lot, give him a chance. Same thing we did with Deuce (Lutui), when we decided to play Deuce for the same reason. There are a lot of factors in this. We’re just going to have to wait and see how today went and then make a decision for Sunday.

(on the opportunity for the Titans organization to give back through the foster kids Christmas party)

Yeah, it’s great for the kids. It’s foster kids that don’t have this opportunity very often. The money was donated by the players, the organization. They used to give them gifts, but they realized that the kids enjoy picking out their own gifts. They got them money cards, and they can use them at any mall in town and go out and buy what they want. They gave them Titans stuff to take with them also. The players get a chance to meet the kids today, sign some autographs, sign their footballs. They’ve done  it at least 10 years, I would assume. It went over so well. I think there are 35 kids here today. It’s a great situation for everybody. I’m sure they’ll keep doing this. These guys love being involved in this kind of thing, they love meeting the kids, and I think the kids enjoy it a lot too.

(on Green Bay using their punter in a couple of fake punts this season)

Especially if you go back and watch tape from years ago, we watch everything and look for fakes they’ve done this year and last year. You dig back into all of those things, so yes, we’re very aware of everything they’ve done. Especially when you have the same group of guys together and the same coaches together, which they’ve had, or even when they bring in from somewhere else, you kind of look back and see if that guy is known for anything late in the season to do anything tricky, just like I’m sure they do with us. You’re always going to cover yourself. That’s the thing with having so much film available to you now, you can go back and check on all kinds of things. It’s almost a curse sometimes because there is so much to go back and look at. You kind of get a little too worried about everything. Those are the things we talk about every week and especially weeks when teams have done those things.

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