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Coach Munchak's Nov. 22 Practice Report

Posted Nov 22, 2013


(on players’ statuses heading into Sunday’s game)

(Brian) Schwenke is full practice, questionable. (Derrick) Morgan same way; full practice, questionable. (David) Stewart is full practice, probable. (Moise) Fokou full practice, questionable. Damian (Williams) would be out. Justin (Hunter) full practice, probable. Zaviar (Gooden) full practice, probable.

(on how Brian Schwenke looked at practice)

He looked better. He got through yesterday pretty well, did most of the work today, and now it’s making sure he’s OK tomorrow. After doing all the work he did yesterday—he did half the reps yesterday—he got through it pretty well, and it wasn’t any worse. That was the key. Now, today being inside, he did most of the work which is less work. I mean, it’s limited reps today, but he did pretty much everything he wanted to do. It’s just making sure there’s no issues between now and Sunday.

(on Brian Schwenke as a difference maker in the run game)

When you got those young guys that are big and strong like he is, he just creates more space for the running back. Even in the pass game, there’s more space for the pocket, for the quarterback to step up. Eugene Amano…Leroy (Harris) was that way when he was healthy. Those guys did those type of things for us when they were younger, stronger. That’s kind of what he brings to the deal. Like you said, he’s only played a few games, so you’re hoping he can get six games in a row here so we see how he develops. He’s definitely made a difference for us when he’s played, but a lot of stuff is new to him, too. He’s still learning a lot.

(on whether he feels good about Schwenke’s chances of playing Sunday)

Yeah, I mean unless there’s a setback. It’s encouraging, yes.

(on whether Damian Williams will start practicing next week)

I think that’s where he’ll be next week. We’ll let him stay back and just get rehabbed so he doesn’t have to be part of the long trip. That would probably be better for him to get work done here. Next week, hopefully we’ll see where he’s at as far as getting more into some on the field, moving around more than he has, seeing where he’s at.

(on whether Damian Williams will be the team’s returner once he’s healthy)

If he’s healthy, yeah. That’s the other thing that’s disappointing there. We really thought that was a nice fit for him. He was excited for that opportunity, that phase of the game. Losing him in the second game hurt us, but if he’s healthy, we’d like to get him back there.

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