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Coach Munchak's Nov. 28 Practice Report

Posted Nov 28, 2013


(on whether it is tough to stay focused on Thanksgiving)

I don’t think it is. We’ve played on this day before. I think some guys like that, too. It seems like Thanksgiving and football have always gone together, so having practice in the morning and breaking a sweat before a big meal is probably a good thing. The fact that we were able to move things up and get them out of here at a decent hour I think really is helpful so that guys that do have family in town can spend time with their families.

(on whether he tells them what to eat on Thanksgiving)

Well, they have a weigh in tomorrow. We moved the weigh in that is usually on Thursday to Friday. We tell them to eat whatever they need to eat to make sure they make their weight on Friday morning. They’re smart enough to know what they can and can’t do. Believe me, these guys eat a lot on Thursday nights anyway if it’s Thanksgiving or not Thanksgiving. A lot of times guys go out for meals on Thursday nights like camaraderie night with their other teammates. They will probably eat less this time because they will be at home.

(on whether he was serious about changing the team’s weigh in)

No, I was teasing. I thought about it. We would be collecting a lot of money probably.

(on having a light practice today)

Usually the Thursday practice because of the anticipation of family and going home and relaxing and kind of getting away from the game for the team. I thought today was good. I thought the weather helped that quite a bit that we had a good day, didn’t have to go inside. I think coming back tomorrow you start getting more into the excitement of the weekend, the opportunity ahead. I think tomorrow should be a good day.

(on the offensive line’s performance against the Raiders)

Well, a combination. There was times we weren’t as good as we needed to be whether it be the running backs or the O-line. They blitzed us quite a bit throughout the day, but some of that was coverage—guys were covered Fitz (Ryan Fitzpatrick) did a good job of moving around the pocket. Some of it was we didn’t have enough blockers because they were blitzing both ways. Sometimes he (Fitzpatrick) had to buy some time, sometimes we got beat. Overall, I think they were solid. In the pass pro, there really wasn’t any holding. The holding was when we tripped and fell, did some things like that. The assignments were sound, and all that was a positive. On the road, we did a pretty good job. The one penalty, the delay of game, is the thing that probably bothers you more than anything. We have to avoid those type of things, but overall I think we were OK.

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