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Coach Munchak's Saturday Practice Report

Posted Dec 15, 2012


 (on if he’s concerned that Colin McCarthy has become injury prone)

I think we’ll write it off as things haven’t gone his way since the first game, and hope that this doesn’t happen again. You hope that he has this behind him. You can’t control these things that happen, and you hope that it doesn’t become a pattern, for sure. He doesn’t want that, he’s frustrated, we are. Especially when so much rides on him, his contribution to the defense is so large. That’s a bigger hole than maybe if you miss someone else.

(on if the Titans will look at bolstering the linebacker position in the offseason)

As you can tell from our roster, we carry a lot of linebackers because of special teams and things like that. Yeah, you’re going to factor in those types of things. Having (Will) Witherspoon here, which is like having another starter, a more veteran-type starter, but you have to get some youth there, no doubt, and have a couple guys so you feel you have more than three starters. Probably at linebacker, you probably need to have five guys that you truly feel can play the positions well for you. You take into account those types of things and cover yourself the best you can.

(on if the defense is prepared for the Wildcat formation against the Jets)

Yeah, we have. We were hearing the opposite earlier. You can’t listen to reports or what people are saying. We are going to be prepared for whatever we think they’re capable of doing. He has been hurt recently and hadn’t played as much, as far as using that package. Yeah, definitely. As most teams would, you’re going to have a cut-up of every time he’s stepped on the field and what they to do with him on special teams, so you’re not caught off guard. Just like we did with Vince (Young) and the quarterbacks we were running a lot with, you’re going to prepare for it, knowing that there may be another twist to it for you, that maybe they think they can take advantage of something. We’re prepared, and we’ll be OK. 

(on if he thinks Damian Williams, Colin McCarthy or Scott Solomon are done for the year)

No, we have not. Damian (Williams) has really gotten a lot better this week, so we’ll kind of wait and see on him. (Colin) McCarthy, we just don’t know there. We think (Scott) Solomon, I would assume he’ll have a good chance to be ready next week. Maybe two out of three? It’s hard to tell, though. Coming off the Monday, and then the short week, and then the Green Bay game ought to be fun. I’m hoping, just playing the averages maybe a couple of them may have a chance, but we may be 0-for-3. We assume Solomon is going to be OK, but you never know. Damian is getting better if he continues, but with a hamstring, we’ve had guys that look like they’re going to be over the hump, but they weren’t. McCarthy could be cleared up tomorrow, and we could say, ‘Hey, he’s ready to play next week.’ We’ll have to wait and see.

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