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Coach Munchak's Sept. 27 Practice Report

Posted Sep 27, 2013


(on injuries heading into Sunday)

(Sammie) Hill will be out and Shonn (Greene will be out). Kenny (Britt) was limited at practice and is questionable; same with (Patrick) Bailey, no practice for Bailey. (Moise) Fokou was full practice and is probable. Delanie (Walker) was limited—questionable. Blidi (Wreh-Wilson) was full practice and probable. (Zaviar) Gooden would be full practice and probable. (David) Stewart was the same way, full practice and probable.

(on Kenny Britt’s status)

That’s just something we’ll wait and see tomorrow with where he’s at. Last year he played a couple times when that happened. We’ll see how sore he is. He’s still not quite where he needs to be, so that’s why he didn’t practice quite as much today. We’ll wait and see.

(on possible wide receiver combinations if Kenny Britt can’t play)

If he weren’t to play, that’s some of the options we have; Kendall (Wright) could do some of it. Those guys are versatile. Kendall could do both, Damian (Williams) could start and play the X. Obviously, (Michael) Preston could play X, so we’ve got guys that could move around quite a bit. We’ll just wait and see what’s best if that’s to happen.

(on whether Delanie Walker’s status is clearer than Kenny Britt’s)

Yeah because he’s practiced more. He did a little bit more work today. He has the toe, but we assume he’ll be OK. Kenny’s (Britt) is a little more overall soreness and just seeing where he’s at and how much he can help us on Sunday.

(on whether Colin McCarthy got extra work in this week)

Yeah, which was good. He got the extra work and the other thing is (Zaviar) Gooden got some good work also since Moise (Fokou) didn’t practice the one day. So, I think that was good for them, and they’re ready to go. He’s (Colin McCarthy) ready to go; he can play all three spots if he’s called upon. Gooden may get a chance to suit up depending on what goes on with (Patrick) Bailey.

(on getting David Stewart to practice a little more each week)

I think that’s what he needs. I think he knows that. I thought last week was the best he’s played in a game. Because of the injury he got game week the first week against Pittsburgh…I think the more he practices, the better he plays. That’s how it is for most guys especially for an offensive lineman. I think he’s getting over the hump. He’s still dealing with pain and soreness, which everyone is, but I think it helped him play better last week.

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