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Coach Munchak's Thursday Practice Report

Posted Dec 20, 2012


(on if the wind forced practice inside)

Yeah, and the heavy rain. The field was pretty wet, and then the wind was pretty strong today. We thought it was good idea to come in here and get a good workout, which we did. Hopefully, tomorrow we’ll be able to get outside.

(on if today’s elements could duplicate Green Bay)

Other than the cold, I know they’re getting some snow now. We’re assuming it’s supposed to be close to 30 and sunny, but that could change. That field, they do a great job of keeping it in great condition. I don’t know that it will be much of a factor, unless we do get some rain or snow while we’re there. I think today was more about the wind, even having the lifts up with guys filming, I don’t think that was a good idea either. It was just better to go inside.

(on if the bubble swaying made him nervous at all)

I didn’t pay attention. You just don’t look up, I just kind of go through practice. During walk thru, I think some of the guys noticed it then. This thing has held up really well, which has been good.

(on Chris Johnson’s resurgence this season)

It’s obviously a good thing because he’s one of our best players. He’s our playmaker, he’s the guy everyone knows when you travel around. He’s the first guy people want to know about, so you want the running game to do well. We wished it started sooner. The first four or five weeks were slow. I thought we really found our niche from then on. This kind of game here is a game that we have to control the ball in Green Bay, keep that offense off the field. This is a game where it has to be efficient. We have to get a lot of four and five-yard runs. We have to move the chains. We have to go into these last two games, especially this one, and we need to finish strong with that. We’re heading in the right direction, there’s no doubt, but again, it can always get better. To see Chris (Johnson) making plays like we need him to is a big plus for us, especially after the slow start.

(on how much of an effect shuffling the offensive line has on the running back)

It’s hard, not just for the running back, but it’s hard figuring out what you’re good at. As coaches, offensive coaches, you can call all kinds of plays. You can watch a game and say, ‘Hey, they played so-and-so last week and they ran these plays.’ If you don’t have the guys that can block them or you don’t have guys that can pull, you don’t have guys that make adjustments. That’s the hard part, to figure out when you’re changing the lineup so much, really what that group can do the best in a short period of time. That’s a challenge. I think that’s the part that’s a challenge because it’s harder to adjust to some of the different looks you’ll get in a split second during the game when a lot of times you don’t have time to make a verbal call. You have to just understand the look and make a decision that way. That’s the stuff you lose out on when you have this many changes that we’ve had. That’s why sometimes there’s going to be a play that’s not blocked the way we’d like it to be. That’s frustrating. I think (Chris Johnson) has done a good job dealing with that, knowing that there is going to be some of that. I think Bruce (Matthews) and the coaches have done a nice job of limiting what we’re doing to not put too much on some of those guys up front. It’s tough, but we’ve still had some good success. You’re going to have some big runs like last week. When you do have nine guys down in the box, if you do break through, you saw what happened last week. That’s the risk of having so many guys around the line of scrimmage. Unfortunately, when you have all those guys around the line of scrimmage, that means you’re going to have a lot of two-yard runs also because of that. That touchdown, obviously, was a big part in that game. If we can get a couple of those on Sunday, we’ll be thrilled.

(on the play of Mitch Petrus)

He’s been fine. Like I said, it’s not real complicated. The team we’re playing, it’s going to be a quick game, it’s going to loud and all those things. As far as assignments, that shouldn’t be a big problem. He’s played, he’s been in quite a few games with the Giants and the Patriots. This guy has been with good football teams, winning football teams. The game is not too big for him by any means. He’s been here a couple weeks now, got the system down kind of like what Deuce (Lutui) had to do when all of a sudden Deuce played. If he’s the guy playing guard, then we feel confident he’ll be fine.

(on Casey Hayward’s play and success this year)

We liked him a lot in the draft. We loved him in his visit when he came over. We all knew he was going to be a good football player. We were hoping we’d have a chance to get him in the draft. He went a lot higher which didn’t allow us to have a shot at him. Really liked him, liked the way he played at Vandy, liked his attitude. He really enjoys the game, kind of reminds me a little bit about how Coty Sensabaugh is, as far as their personalities of really enjoying what they’re doing and being competitive. They got a good one, there’s no doubt about it. He’s playing well, and we’re going to see a lot of him on Sunday.

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