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Coach Munchak's Thursday Practice Report

Posted Oct 4, 2012


(on if there were any setbacks with Colin McCarthy)

We knew yesterday he was going to do a lot. Today, we’re going to cut back on him. He’s a little sore, but not to where…We’re hoping to do that tomorrow, pick up where we left off on Wednesday.

(on if Colin McCarthy is still on track to play on Sunday)

We’re still feeling good that he has a good chance to play on Sunday. Yesterday was a good day for him, got a lot of work done. We said we’d kind of take it easy with him, so we did. We’ll have to see how he is tomorrow, and hopefully he’ll be out here tomorrow. We’ll know more then.

(on how he hopes to carry forward the progress made in the run game on Sunday)

I think one game, just like when we weren’t running well the first couple (games), we didn’t get too carried away with that. I think it’s the same thing with the game last week. Obviously, it was better, much better than it had been. I even thought the week before, Detroit, actually there were four or five nice runs in that game, that you saw things coming together. This is a game where it will be a fast track, it’s a game with a good defense, chance maybe to run the ball well again. We have to keep the ball, we know that. We haven’t really done that very well this year. So that will be real important. I’m hoping it’s just enough of a confidence boost that we hand it off that many times again, that he gets to 20, 25 carries. If he can do that, I think he’ll have a good day.

(on what he hopes to see from Nate Washington the next few weeks)

He’s stepped up since last year, having a great year last year. I think this year, again, same way. The San Diego game was the only time when he was sore, couldn’t practice most of the week, played a little bit in the game. Since then, yeah, he’s been practicing every day, doing everything we’ve asked of him. He’s a guy we’re counting on, especially with Kenny (Britt) being questionable this season so far, having him is a big plus. It’s something that Kendall (Wright) can learn from. He’s our veteran in that room, we’ve got a young group. He’s showing a great example that he’s playing through the soreness and what it takes every Sunday to show up and play.

(on Kenny Britt’s status)

Obviously, we’d like him to be doing more. He’s not there yet. He did a little bit more today, but not as much as we would have hoped. Same thing, you have to wait until tomorrow and see how he’s doing. He wasn’t as sore today from what he did yesterday, but we need to get him to do more. Tomorrow will be a big day to really see where he is at. We thought it would be Friday before we knew one way or the other about him. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.

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