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Coach Munchak's Thursday Practice Report

Posted Nov 22, 2012


(on practicing on Thanksgiving)

The weather has been awesome, so that’s really helped prepare us for even that part of the game, assuming that we’re going to have real similar weather there. So that was good, having the sun out, getting guys used to finding the ball and locating it. I think that was good. I think the energy is always pretty good on Thanksgiving. Guys are kind of excited and thankful for a lot of things. The fact that they’re out here running around and part of the NFL, I think it’s a day they really focus and are appreciative of that. I think the energy was good, and it was a good, solid practice. They get the rest of the day to spend time with family and friends, and then we’ll get back to work tomorrow.

(on the Jaguars’ run game without Maurice Jones-Drew)

I think it’s still effective, but it’s just something they haven’t done as much of. They just haven’t handed it off as much as we’re used to seeing, which is more than they probably should have in the past. They still have been efficient in games running the football, it’s just that they seem to, since he’s gotten hurt, not to run it quite as much. Again, they still can beat you with it, especially if they see in there early it’s going, they’re going to have success, they’re going to stick with it. So that’s still, as it is any game, we have to stop that part of the game.

(on injuries)

We’re pretty good. (Craig) Stevens practiced today. So again, feeling good about him being fine come Sunday. (Colin) McCarthy, we held him back a little bit more today, not as many reps, but again he should be fine for Sunday. (Jamie) Harper is going to be the question mark right now, him and Al Afalava, those two guys. It looks like (Xavier) Adibi is doing pretty good, came back yesterday from the knee. He had a limited practice, but got through all the special teams, so I think he’s progressing pretty well. So we’ll see where those guys are at the end of the week. (Lavelle) Hawkins is another guy that’s kind of questionable now because he hasn’t been able to do anything yet other than with the trainers. So we’ll see where he’s at tomorrow.

(on how much the staff prepares for the weather conditions in Jacksonville)

There’s usually not a whole lot you can do, other than being smart and knowing that it could affect the rotation at certain positions, the D-line, the receivers, tight ends, running backs. I think it’s more along those lines of during the week you’re doing that. Some of the guys should be in the habit of doing extra conditioning anyway. We don’t run them, obviously, this time of year. A lot of guys do run on their own and a lot of guys do stuff inside. I think it’s more on the individual guy to be more aware of being hydrated, taking care of himself more, getting more sleep during the week, especially in a game that the heat may be a factor or limit your effectiveness if you’re tired. The guys handle it, and as coaches, there is only so much we can do. This weather has helped us the last two weeks for going to Miami and then having Jacksonville. We’re used to being in the warmer weather.

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