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Colts Coach Chuck Pagano on Titans: "We Certainly Know Each Other"

Posted Nov 27, 2013


(on not losing two games in a row)

I credit our assistant coaches and our players and our veterans. We’ve got great veterans, we get great leadership. You’re going to try and go out and win every football game. Certainly nobody wants to lose in a fashion that we have lost a couple times in the last four weeks. I credit our coaches and our players and our vets. They got great resolve; they’re a very resilient bunch. To this point, they’ve been able to put the last one behind them so to speak and move on.

(on mounting frustration over the team’s slow starts)

Frustrating to everybody. You sit back week in and week out and look at the tape and try to identify the areas in all three phases. You just look at everything and try to figure it out. You stick to the process and keep grinding away and try to work yourself out of it, play yourself out of it. At the end of the day, it comes down to the fundamentals of football and execution.

(on losing Reggie Wayne)

Well, we’re so far removed from that. Again, we talked about it’s hard to replace a guy like Reggie Wayne. You really can’t do it, but we make no excuses. We expect the other guys that are in this building, they’re NFL players, and they got to rise up. Somehow, some way, we have to figure out a way to get first downs and move the chains and convert and score touchdowns. We’ll continue to do that.

(on recovering Devon Wylie’s turnover last game against the Titans and how that led to a Colts comeback)

I thought it was everything. I think when we were able to go get the field goal right before the half and then come out in the second half (and) have a touchdown drive then the touchdown on a short field then another touchdown obviously changed the whole momentum and eventual outcome of that game. That was huge for us.

(on Leon Washington as a threat on kickoff returns)

Absolutely. He’s done it for a long time, eight years. He’s got the stats to prove it. We’ll have our hands full. We’re going to have to do a great job with our coverage units.

(on the Titans’ young receivers)

He (Kendall Wright) had that big ball game against us. I look at Kendall and I look at Delanie (Walker) in our ball game and these last two ball games, and they’ve been targeted 38 times with 30 catches between those two guys alone. It’s a handful just to take care of those two then Justin (Hunter) has a breakout game with six catches for 107 yards and a touchdown with one of those being a 54-yarder. We’re certainly well aware of their capabilities. They’re great players. They’re dangerous, they can score from anywhere. Ryan (Fitzpatrick) is doing a great job of distributing the ball, and they’re making plays.

(on Donald Brown’s success against the Titans)

He’s been playing at a high level this entire season coming in. When he’s coming into ball games, he’s been productive in every game. I know last game got out of hand, and we weren’t able to get him the touches he normally gets. Certainly we’re well aware of what he’s been doing over the course of the season, and we’ll try to take advantage of the level of play that he’s giving us right now. We’ll try to get him opportunities to make plays.

(on Jim Irsay’s tweets and whether that has an impact on the team)

I think the one thing we talked early about (was) this team having great resolve and being able to bounce back after disappointing losses. Our coaches and players, their ability to keep the blinders on and stay focused on the process the next game, the next opponent, that’s all we’re worried about. We know it’s a huge game, what’s at stake, and we’re going to continue to work on us and prepare for our opponent coming in here.

(on playing the Titans twice in three weeks)

Well, you certainly know each other. I’m sure there will be a wrinkle here or there as far as the unknown that you might not have seen. From a preparation standpoint, having played only a couple weeks ago, you’re going to continue to prepare the way you always prepare. Certainly they know us, and we know them. We’re both fighting for the same thing.

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