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Conference Call: CB Khalid Wooten

Posted Apr 27, 2013


(on describing his style as a cornerback)

My style is I am trying to be a press corner, play off two at that, excel at my craft. My main job is preventing the receiver from catching the ball, that’s what I am going to do 

(on his present height and weight)

I am 5-11, 206, 205 pounds.

(on if size helps out against receivers)

Yeah, it helps me a lot. They tend to have me as a big corner. I can manhandle receivers and things like that.

(on if the selection was where he thought it would be)

It is about where I figured. Me and my agent was talking, they said between 5 and 7. Sixth round for you guys is   feeling, a great feeling.

(on his pre-draft visit to Tennessee)

That was my one and only (visit to Tennessee).

(on having an idea that the Titans liked him)

Yeah, the coaching staff was good. I spoke to the head coach and the position coaches. They all seemed to like me. I tend to gravitate toward them and we had a good time.

(on what he wanted Titans staff to see on his visit)

I wanted them to see that I am a big corner. I can run with it. I am versatile. I can punt return, kick return. Put me in at a nickel and corner at the same time. I can do it all.

(on what Titans staff said on how they envisioned using him)

They told me I was going to play corner. I liked it a lot. I guess, they said it was going to be a little more man technique. That’s what I like.

(on if he had been to Nashville previously)

Not since my visit, that’s the only time I have been there.

(on if he is strictly an outside corner)

I will play wherever you guys want me to play. If you want me to play nickel, I will play nickel, dime, I do it all.

(on if he returned punts and kicks in college)

Yeah, I did.

(on if he has ever played safety)

I played safety in high school, but not college.

(on if he is willing to pay his dues)

I’m a late round pick. I know I’m going to pay my dues. I know I am probably going to play on special teams and get a job there.

(on how he compares with other cornerbacks)

The media is going to partake in whatever they want to say. My thing is we all are going to have the same shot. I’ve got to prove harder that I really want this and I am going to go out and do it.

(on what he needs to do to improve)

You always try to tweak little things here and there. I am trying to improve my game all around. Going from college to the pros is going to be a big change. I’ve got to step my game up and that’s what I plan on doing.

(on where the furthest East he had gone before visiting Nashville)

Tampa Bay for the East-West Shrine game.

(on if the East-West Shrine Game helped him)

Yeah it did. I got a lot more exposure. I had the last pick in the game. It was a great feeling. It was a good experience also.

(on which Titans coaches he spoke to during his visit to Nashville)

I pretty much talked to all of them besides the offense. I spoke to both defensive coordinators, the safety/corners coach and head coach. And special teams coach.

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