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Conference Call: DE Lavar Edwards

Posted Apr 27, 2013


(on if he had a party going on upon his selection)

Yes, I have a lot of friends here, friends very excited, very excited for me.  

(on if speed is one of his top assets on being a defensive end)

Yeah, I would definitely say my speed is one of my top assets, just my overall athleticism, it helps me be a better player.

(on difficulty to be noticed on a team like LSU, especially with players like Mingo and Montgomery on defensive line)

I wasn’t really looking for any recognition. I just wanted to make sure whenever I did get out there, I played as I hard as I can, you know to show that I could be just as good a player or better.

(on if he lost 20 pounds before senior season)

No sir, that was in high school, not in college.

(on how he thinks he will fit in with the Titans)

I haven’t spoken too much with the coaches, but I think I will be a good fit in any system. I am just willing to come out and work hard and do what I can to help the team win.

(on what he is currently weighing)


(on if 270 is where he would like to play or does he want to get heavier)

During school, I was between 265-270, so I am pretty comfortable at this weight right now.

(on if he bounced inside and outside at LSU, or played one spot)

On passing downs, I played a little bit 3-technique. That was mostly on passing downs. Most of the time, I was lined up at end.

(on if there was difference on lining up on both sides at end)

Not to me, I feel very comfortable on both sides. When I first got to school, I did like one side. But then, after a while, it just became natural and I became real comfortable at both sides. So, it doesn’t matter.

(on how playing in SEC helps prepare him for next level)

I think it prepares players well, because every week, no matter if it is Alabama or Vanderbilt you know you are going to be up for some real good competition and all teams have really good players. So, I think by playing against great competition every week, it helps (you) become a better player.

(on if he knows a lot about Titans personnel and where does he see himself as a fit)

I don’t know too much (about Titans personnel), but you know, they drafted me, so they think I can fit it well, so I am pretty sure I can fit in their plan.

(on if he talked a lot with Titans staff at Senior Bowl)

A little bit, but not a lot. But, I talked more with other teams during the process.

(on having pride in his snaps)

I take a lot of pride, because knowing my snaps would be limited throughout the game, whenever I did get out there, I wanted to make sure that I could do whatever was in my power, go all out and make sure that I made plays when I had the opportunity to make them. So, I would take advantage of every opportunity that I got.

(on thoughts of where he would go in the draft)

To be honest, I didn’t really know. I kind of don’t look to where my own projection because I don’t want to be thinking one thing and something else happens and then it will be a letdown. So, I just kind of left it up in the air, so whoever was going to take me and wherever they took me I’ll be happy. I am just happy to be playing football again and go to work.

(on if he visited teams during the process)

No, I didn’t take any visits.

(on if he had contact with Titans during process)

No, not really. Like I said, I talked to some of the other teams a lot more than I talked to the Titans.

(on growing up in New Orleans, if he was a Saints fan)

No, actually I was a 49ers fans because in the early 90s, the Saints weren’t too good. But all my family is die-hard Saints fans and of course, they wanted me to get drafted by the Saints. But, I was a 49ers fan growing up because I was a big fan of Jerry Rice.

(on if he has been watching the draft and what was it like seeing his teammates go off the board)

It was great seeing those guys, look at all those guys, it was great timing, being drafted. So it was just be patient and waiting (for) my time because I knew it was coming eventually.

(on if he ran up against against (Titans draft pick) Chance Warmack in Alabama game)

I think maybe two times, not many though. It may have been two times, maybe, maybe not, I can’t recall any specific times.

(on if he was impacted by Hurricane Katrina)

The only thing that I can say really affected my career, was that after the storm, I didn’t get a chance to play or work out or anything like that. Then, I gained a few pounds. Other than that, it didn’t really affect my career. I went from about to 230 to 250 in a couple of months. Honestly, I think all things happen for a reason.

(on what he feels he needs to work on to be a good NFL player)

My overall game. I feel like you can never be good enough, so my overall game from my hands to my get off, pass rushing just everything, becoming a better player.

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