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Conference Call: G Chance Warmack

Posted Apr 25, 2013


(on if Tennessee was where he wanted to get drafted)

The Titans selected Chance Warmack with the 10th overall pick of the 2013 NFL Draft.
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It’s a dream come true, man.  I was definitely thinking what it would be like if I actually did play for Tennessee, and here we are.

(on why the Titans were so appealing to him)

It was everything — the O-line coaches, the fact that their running backs are great in what they do, they have a quarterback who can get the job done run and pass, their style of play is physical and run first and they’re in the South, only three hours from where I live.

(on if he thought he had won the Titans over after his private workout)

I did a personal workout with those guys, and they put me through the ringer.  I felt like I put everything into what I did and throughout my visit we had a great time going over plays and I felt like we hit it off pretty well.

(on how many teams he did personal workouts for)

Only one.

(on how many teams wanted to do a personal workout with him)

Like three — three or four.

(on if he had seen Titans RB Chris Johnson’s tweet: “Thank God” after Titans drafted him)

I didn’t even hear about the tweet, but I’m glad he supports me and I’ll be looking forward to opening holes for him.

(on if it is true he only recently got his driver’s license)

Oh yeah, yeah I got it about a year ago.

(on why he didn’t have the typical urgency to get his driver’s license)

My focus was on football 24-7, and then I lived on campus so there really wasn’t a need to get one.  I could just walk through the campus, so I was good, but I knew I had to get one eventually.

(on how he fits in with what the Titans do offensively)

From what the plays they showed me on the visit it is very similar to what we run at Alabama—if not the same.  The only thing that is different are the calls, the concepts are pretty similar so it was easy for me to pick up.

(on how familiar he was with Titans Head Coach Mike Munchak and Offensive Line Coach Bruce Matthews before the draft process)

Oh yeah, most definitely — they both got drafted in the Top 10 and they both went to the Hall of Fame and they were both great guards.

(on what he weighs now and what he wants his playing weight to be)

I’m about 325 right now.  (I want to play around) 325-330.

(on if he thought he’d still be available when the Titans drafted at 10)

I honestly didn’t know.  A lot of things were going on in my head.  The pressure was starting to get to me, and I just spent time with my family and kept an open mind and everything happened the way that I wanted them to.

(on what other teams he thought might draft him)

Honestly, I really couldn’t tell you—anywhere from seven on to 18.

(on if he feels pressure to join Coach Munchak and Coach Matthews in the Hall of Fame someday)

It’s definitely a motivation to try and shoot for, especially if you are physically talking with each of them every day in practice.

(on why he is so strong on the field)

I feel like I can always get stronger as a guard, as a player.  I feel like my understanding of the offensive line is pretty good.  I can always learn more about other positions and the offensive formations, but I’m just a physical player.  I play like I weigh 325-330 and I understand how to play because I’ve been playing the position since I was seven.

(on if being around a winning program like Alabama and if it can rub off with the Titans even though he’s a rookie)

Most definitely, I feel like it rubs off on you and it becomes you.  It’s all about your regimen and what you do and how you do it.  I feel like you can’t say it, you have to put in the work and you have to put in extra work.  If everybody is on the same accord, we can all achieve success.

(on who called to tell him he was being drafted)

Actually, it was the secretary (Alesia Schulz), and then everybody else called after that, but I recognized who she was from my visit and it was funny.  She was just like, ‘Hey Chance’ and after that I already knew who it was and I was kind of choked up at the moment and then I said, ‘Yes ma’am’ but she doesn’t like to be called ma’am.

(on if he could tell OL Coach Matthews went into his workout looking to find faults in his game)

Not at all, he is a very laid back guy.  You can’t really read what he’s thinking and that is one of the things that I like about him.  He’s going to be up front with you and you can’t really read him, so you can’t really expect what he’s going to say and I like that a lot about him.

(on if he is proud to be a part of such a deep and talented offensive line draft class)

It’s a wonderful, wonderful experience just to be a part of this draft class where (offensive) linemen are getting drafted so high.  It’s unbelievable—I don’t think this has ever happened in the draft before, and I’m just happy to be a part of it.

(on if he is relieved to be drafted to the team he wanted to draft him)

It’s a dream, man, it still hasn’t hit me yet.  I am just so excited, so happy to get started—to learn and to develop and to be the best guard I can be.

(on how he feels about being highly drafted with some of his collegiate teammates)

That is a pretty special thing to happen, man.  I am hoping that Eddie (Lacy) gets picked pretty soon so we can talk about our experiences together.

(on if he is going to celebrate in New York City with his Alabama teammates that also got drafted)

I’m still trying to recap what’s going on.  I’m still floating right now, so hopefully we will if I can come back down.

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