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Conference Call: Jets QB Mark Sanchez

Posted Dec 13, 2012


(on the opportunity to come into Nashville on Monday night and make a push for the playoffs)

We’re not really thinking about the playoffs right now. We’re just trying to string together a couple of wins. We know we have a big challenge in Nashville on Monday night. It’s a good opportunity for our team to hopefully play well. I think we had a good day today. It should be fun for us.

(on turning to the run game on offense)

It’s good, I think the run game has really picked up. I think the offense played really well, exceptionally well. Early in the game, those shorter runs have yielded bigger gains later on. I’m proud of that front five and even our big guys coming in to block, the receivers look good blocking downfield. We’ve been, for the most part, efficient in the passing game. It’s been a good combination for us.

(on if he expects that they’re going to have to throw it more in the coming weeks)

You know, who knows? Whatever the game plan dictates and however the game goes. We’ve been fortunate to be able to run the ball well these last couple weeks. We’ll take it one game at a time.

(on if he’s seen any major differences in Braylon Edwards since he’s returned)

He looks good. He’s a big, strong, fast guy. It’s nice to have his ability back here, and I think it will only help the rest of our receivers and the receiving corps. He’s also known for blocking well in the run game downfield, so that’s a plus for us. I think he’ll fit right in just fine.

(on if it will take a little while for him to get back on the same page with Braylon Edwards)

I don’t know, we’ll see.

(on the Titans defense)

I think they’re a fast, physical group. I think these last couple of weeks, they’ve played exceptionally well on third down. That’s very obvious on the film. They look like a tough group. Their front seven and their front four, really, get after the passer and get a lot of pressure on the passing game. It’s something we’ll have to be sharp with up front in protections with the running backs and everything. I think they’re a really good defense, and a tough, physical group. It’s going to be a great challenge for us.

(on what he remembers of Alterraun Verner from college)

He was always a great player, one of those guys you star on the defensive side in the depth chart as a reminder that he is one of their better guys. Athletic, good ball skills, good cover guy. He was always one of those players in that rivalry that we thought was pretty good.

(on if there is a corner he’s faced this year that Alterraun Verner compares with)

I don’t know, I haven’t thought about that. He’s his own guy, I think he plays really well. He’s a good player, I’ve always thought he’s a good player.


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