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Conference Call Transcript: Jaguars DE Jason Babin

Posted Dec 26, 2012


(on how different it is to change teams during the season)

You know what? The situation wasn’t what I expected. Going to a team that has the same mindset and the same approach and the way they go about their business and everybody being on the same page, it really made the transition pretty smooth.

(on the situation in Philadelphia)

They have a different approach and a different style than I do. It’s upsetting because they knew what they were getting when they hired me. I don’t know if they were going to try and change me. My stripes are kind of already the way they are, the way I practice, aggressive, loud, the way I play the game. I don’t know, I just guess they thought they could change the way I went about my business. I feel like I got the way I got because of how I practiced and worked and lived and played.  I look at it as a great opportunity for me.

(on if he was concerned that it may have been the end of his career when he was waived by the Eagles)

That was probably their approach because they don’t have amicable splits with people. You saw how dirty they did (Jim) Washburn with leaking out the false stories and the way they talked about him on the way out. It’s kind of a big socialistic system that they have. I didn’t really care. I’m only going to worry about what I can control, and that’s practicing hard, working hard and playing hard on Sunday.

(on the fact that the Eagles knew what kind of coach they were getting in Jim Washburn)

Yeah, and that’s the surprising part. You find out the fact that they had a D-line consultant the whole time they had him. Well, if you don’t trust the guy…It’s kind of like one of those things where they say they trust you, and they want you to do certain things a certain way, but then behind the scenes, they’re monitoring it and second-guessing it. It’s unfortunate because as you guys know, (Jim) Washburn gives his heart and soul every practice and gets the most out of all of his players. But that’s life, I can’t really sit up here and whine and complain about my situation when people around the country and around the world for that matter are in a lot worse situations than myself.

(on how he likes Jacksonville)

It’s great. My family got down here, the boys on Christmas break. Good people, like I said, in their approach and the way they’re on the same page and what their goals are and what they’re trying to do and how they’re trying to get there. They’re not the kind of organization, coaches, players that are willing to sacrifice certain things to just try and have a quick fix or make things look shiny that really aren’t.

(on the mood coming into the last week)

I think what I saw when I first got here was the way they practice and the way they conduct their business and their approach, there was no way you’d think they only have two wins. I think the same thing holds true since I’ve been here. I think it really shows up too in the game Sunday, with the effort, the way they play. We’re not playoff bound, we’re just trying to improve, we’re trying to get better. We’re trying to have fun playing football. I want to take that same approach into this last week of the season for us.

(on his contract)

Three years under contract. There are some little things that I’m sure we’ll work out once the season is over. They’ve expressed to me that they want me to be here long term, I want to be here long term. Part of the deal is that they want me to help build the D-line culture, how we practice, how we get after the quarterback, the intensity, the relentlessness. There are a lot of younger guys outside of C.J. (Mosley) and (Jeremy) Mincey. That’s part of being able to play, part of the responsibility you have, watching tape, practicing, diet, all the little things, training, that add up to a big difference.

(on memories in Tennessee)

It’s up there. It was kind of when I got my first real opportunity to play defensive end. It was pretty meaningful. The quality of people versus other places, which can go without being said, is much greater. I have friends there in Brentwood and Franklin. I’ve been going to Nashville since college. It’s a good place and good people. I still have some friends on the team.

(on if he wished it would have worked out in Tennessee)

I don’t look back and have any regrets. Like I said, I don’t worry about things I don’t control. They didn’t see me in their plans, and I had no hard feelings. I got a heck of an opportunity. How many places does a one-year guy end up starting over a first-round pick guy? It doesn’t always happen. I appreciate my time there, and I had a great time there. I’m sure my travels will bring me there in the offseason to see my friends and family that are there.

(on if he’s disappointed he doesn’t get to face David Stewart this week)

We’ve been watching the tape, and it seems like they’ve had a little bit of the injury bug at O-line. That’s kind of the way it’s been going for a lot of teams this year.

(on if it would have been a fun battle against David Stewart)

We used to have some good one-on-one battles in camp and in one-on-one pass rush. I’m sure he’ll be around. I’m sure he’ll be one of the guys I go and talk to.

(on Jim Washburn’s plan moving forward)

I just obviously called after they knocked on his window after the Monday night game and said, ‘See you later.’ I just called, the usually chit-chat stuff and see how he’s doing. I’m sure he’ll take some time and figure out what he wants to do. I’m sure if he wants to coach, I’m sure there are plenty of teams that will want him as a D-line coach.

(on if he thinks the Titans regret letting him leave)

You know, you have to take your best guess and live with it. You can’t look back, and say, ‘Wish we could have.’ You have to keep moving forward. I’m sure that it’s the professional approach that they take. You never know, you know what I mean? That’s the way it goes.

(on if he thinks that his family will enjoy Jacksonville)

We’re down there now, we’re out toward the beach area. The boys like it and the wife likes it. You know the saying, ‘Happy wife, happy life.’

(on if it’s a little different than Philadelphia)

It’s definitely night and day. We fit in here, where we’re at, our family values, our approach, the way we live our life as a family. It definitely fits in better here.

(on what it’s going to be like coming back to LP Field)

It’ll be fun. My college roommates live there. I’m sure we’ll go out to dinner. I know they’re coming to the game. It’ll be fun. 

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