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Conference Call: WR Justin Hunter

Posted Apr 26, 2013


(on how it feels to stay in Tennessee and play with the Titans)

It feels real good.  You know, I have been in Tennessee for the past three years now, so it feels like I’m not going anywhere, I’m stuck (laughing).

(on how much he knew if the Titans liked him)

I had been hearing, the receiver coach talked to me at the Combine and said he really wanted me there.  I didn’t know I was going to be picked by them until the last second.

(on how much attention the Titans gave him leading up to the draft)

The only thing I got from them was a workout and a formal visit at the Combine.

(on how familiar he is with the Titans)

I have been following them a lot.  A lot of my teammates love the Titans, so I hear about it all the time.

(on how his knee is)

I think all of my problems are gone and all fixed.  I’m 100 percent now and ready to work.

(on his athleticism and how that helps him be a good receiver)

Obviously, I have a lot of things to work on and everything.

(on what he needs to improve on with his game)

Just the easy things I can fix, the strength by getting in the weight room, concentration issues with my eyes and everything.  It is all easy fixes.

(on if he thought he would go this early on the second day)

I was hearing that, but it was all up in the air.

(on where else he made pre-draft visits)

Detroit Lions, St. Louis, Minnesota, the Buffalo Bills, the Panthers, San Diego and New England.

(on how disappointed he was not to be picked in the first round)

I was watching the draft.  I was hoping really to go in the first round, but I see the positive of going in the second round, so I wasn’t too bummed.

(on who he talked to when he was picked)

The G.M. and the receivers coach.

(on what they told him)

They are excited to have me up there.  They know I’m not going to far from where I was before.  The receivers coach told me he wanted me bad and he is ready for me to come up there and work.

(on what he brings to the team)

I bring a lot of things.  I’m definitely young.  I can definitely stretch the field – that is my best asset.  I’m going to push the other players just like they are going to push me, so we are going to get a lot out of it.

(on how much it means that a team was willing to trade up to get him)

That means a lot to me and that makes you want to work harder just for them, for the things that they did for me and move up those spots and everything.

(on how much he knows about Jake Locker and the other Titans wide receivers)

I know a lot about them.  They are definitely a good offense.  I’m just another weapon they can use in their offense.

(on what he ran at the Combine)


(on if he ran at his Pro Day)

No sir.

(on the fastest he has ever run)

The fastest I have ever run is a 4.35.

(on how well that translates to how he plays)

The way I play I’m more fluent than anything.  I feel like I’m more smooth, so it doesn’t look like I’m running too fast, but then I’m running faster than I am.

(on if he was happy with the 4.4 in the 40-yard dash)

I think I’m a faster guy than that.  I think just going with the Combine we were doing so much, a lot of people couldn’t run to the best of their ability.  I think I’m way faster than that if I get the proper rest and everything.  They had us there some nights until 12 o’clock and getting up at 4:00.  I think that had a lot of an effect on what I did.

(on if he was a Titans’ fan while he was at Tennessee)

Not coming up.  My only team was the Tennessee Vols because I was only focusing on that.

(on what he remembers about playing at LP Field in the bowl game a few years back)

It was nice. That was the first time I have been in an NFL stadium in my whole life.  I think it was pretty cool.  I love the stadium.  The one thing I really noticed was that they had heated seats, so when it gets cold out there, I won’t have a problem.

(on how tough the last few years were at Tennessee)

It was really tough.  I think I handle adversity pretty well.  You are not going to win every game, so you have to be able to stick with it and fight through it.

(on the benefits of being taken in the second round)

Definitely how the contract goes.  There might be some Hall of Famers one day in the second round, so that makes you what to work that much harder just because you were that close from being in the first round and you are going to work that much harder to show people why you could have been a first-rounder.

(on what type of receiver he will be in the NFL)

I think I will be a vertical threat.  I know Randy Moss was my guy, so I think I can take his role.

(on if he can bring that to this offense)

I know I can with the work and the dedication to the sport, I think I can come in there and make a big impact.

(on if his phone started blowing up after the pick)

Yeah, Tyler Bray just called me and said you aren’t leaving Tennessee at all.

(on if he thinks the Titans will take Tyler Bray)

Possibly, if they get him.

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