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J.J. Watt on Facing Chance Warmack: "It Will be a Good Challenge"

Posted Sep 11, 2013


(on how much he’s seen from Chance Warmack)

I mean, obviously with the late game Monday night, I didn’t come back until Tuesday morning. Yesterday afternoon and today have really been my first chance to watch the film on the Titans. I’m early on my film work, but obviously he’s a good young player and it’s going to be a good game.

(on Chance Warmack’s strengths and what he brings to the Titans’ offensive line)

I can just go off the film I watch and the film I have of him in the league. He’s strong. He’s a good football player. I assume from the tradition at Alabama that he’s got good technique, that’s he’s had good coaching for four years now. Like I said, to obviously be a first-round pick in the NFL you have to be a good football player. It’ll be a good challenge.

(on his initial impression of the Titans’ revamped interior line)

You know, they’re a good football team. Obviously, they drafted a guy in the first round, brought in a guy like (Andy) Levitre, and made it a point to bolster up that offensive line. I think they’re doing good work. Obviously, to come out and win the first game of the season, that’s big for their football team. All I can focus on is our football team and what we do and how we play.

(on what changed for the Texans’ defense between halves against the Chargers)

We just started clicking. We knew we had to step up. We knew we weren’t in our rhythm and weren’t playing the way we know we can play. We had a big second half. Specifically in those last five drives we played really solid football. We played to the potential we believe we can play to. I think going forward that’s going to carry us through.

(on getting Brian Cushing back)

It’s great to have Cush (Brian Cushing) back. He’s one of those guys that is special to your team. Obviously, you saw a big play from him there in the fourth quarter at a crucial time. Plays like that are big, and it’s nice to have playmakers out there who can help make those plays.

(on Antonio Smith’s return)

We’re really happy to have Antonio (Smith) back. He’s obviously a great player. He can pass rush. He can do things in the run game. It’ll be really nice to have him back out there.

(on his expectations for this weekend against the Titans)

I mean, obviously I hope to play well. I hope to play well every game. All I can do, like I said, is focus on my team and my game and go out there and do the best I can do. I watch the film all week. I study very hard and go out there Sunday and put my best product on the field.

(on whether he feels comfortable going against the Titans because of the two teams’ familiarity with one another)

Every week is a challenge in this league. There’s no such thing as being comfortable. There’s no such thing as a routine or anything like that. You have to bring you’re A-game every week or you’re going to get beat. I think it’s always a great challenge. Anytime you’re going against a division opponent it’s exciting. I’m looking forward to the game.

(on what he needs to work on following last year’s success)

There’s plenty I can work on. Every aspect of my game can improve. Last year wasn’t perfect by any means. I’m always watching the film. I’m always learning from myself. Just like the end of last season and the beginning of this year, teams are going to throw things at you. Teams are going to try and find new ways to scheme. All I can do is play my best game.

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