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Jaguars QB Chad Henne: Titans' Secondary One of Best in League

Posted Dec 18, 2013


(on the team’s first win against the Titans)

I think it just built confidence. I believe it got us going on the right step that week. We had the good feeling in us and kept rolling from then. I thought we kept getting better each and every week, which was a plus side of it. We established the run offensively and did a good job that way. That really propelled us.

(on losing Cecil Shorts and needing other receivers to step up)

Without Cecil (Shorts), we’ll see what happens, but Kerry Taylor will be in his spot. He has done a good job for us. He had a slow start last week, but really came on toward the end. Ace Sanders has done a really good job and Mike Brown, but we’ll be relying on some of our tight ends and backs to get balls. We’re just trying to get everyone involved and really not targeting one person.

(on injuries this season)

We’re banged up, but we always say next guy up. We just got to play to our best ability and get the guys that are going to be new in there and just keep going with it.

(on the weather in Jacksonville)

It has been on and off. Some days it’s cold, and other days we’ll have a warm day. We’re still accustomed to it, and we’ll hopefully use that to our advantage. Us living in it should help us with an advantage.

(on Jurrell Casey’s impact for the Titans)

We think he’s one of the top guys. We always have to be aware of where he’s at. He’s a high motor guy with a great quickness and his physicality. We just think he’s a really good player and try to get double teams on him as much as we can and just be aware of where he’s at.

(on Sen’Derrick Marks’ season)

Sen’Derrick (Marks) is a really good guy. He’s done a good job for us and really stepped into a big role for us that we needed to fill at the beginning of the season. He has stepped up as a player and leader on this team.

(on whether he has re-established himself as an NFL starting quarterback)

I mean, I hope so. My objective is just try and get better and help this team win as much as we can and finish this season off on a high note. Our most important game is the next one, and that’s how we’ve been taking our mindset. To me it’s just do the best I can, protect the ball, and help our team win.

(on Gus Bradley as a head coach)

I just think he’s constantly positive. We don’t revel in a lot of the negatives. It’s all about getting better and improve against every team. We really look at the really good things we do on film and kind of build off of those even though we’re still improving on some of the negatives that happen. There’s no negative talk ever. It’s always high energy, high enthusiasm, and it’s a positive culture.

(on whether it was difficult to maintain a positive attitude when the team was losing)

You know, we just ignored the noise and just believed in what Gus (Bradley) was teaching us, leading us with. We all bought in and just spread it around the locker room and just kept it to ourselves. Each and every week we felt that we were getting better, and it really showed up when we started winning some games.

(on the importance of finishing second in the division)

It would definitely be a great feature from what we’ve been last year. If we can end up these two games with a win, you never know what happens. This league is crazy, but we feel like we got better from last year and this whole year.

(on the importance of winning division games)

It’s very important to win division games because you play each team twice. That’s the familiarity you have with the teams; you know the players, you understand the scheme. There’s different things we can attack them with, but I just believe the division is one of the most important things because if you establish the division and get a handful of wins in other places, more than likely you’ll go to the playoffs. It always starts with the division.

(on Brandon Barden’s development)

I think he has done a great job just moving around and doing some really good things. I think he’s a good player.

(on the Titans’ secondary)

I think they’ve done a great job. I think they’re playing with confidence. They’re playing well with the ball in the air. I think they have good ball skills and have been reading some of the routes and having good breaks on them. I think they’re one of the better combos in the league, and it’s a great challenge for us this week.

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