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OT Byron Stingily Conference Call

Posted Apr 30, 2011


(on how his Pro Day led several teams to be interested in him)

I put up some good numbers at my pro day. I seemed to get a lot of interest. I took a lot of visits. Tennessee called me so I’m glad it worked out.

(on if he had any interaction with Brad Hopkins at the D-1 training facility)

Me and Brad are real close. He conditioned with me three days a week for the past two months. He’s someone I hung out with and that I was close to when I was down there. He played a big part in helping me get my position work while I was down there.

(on what he thinks about Hopkins)

A real good guy. I really enjoyed being around him.

(on if he’s heard from Hopkins since he was drafted)

No, I’m going to give him a call sometime today and tell him I’m a Titan.

(on if he thinks Hopkins put in a good word for him with Coach Munchak)

I hope he did. I was thinking about that a couple minutes ago. My working with him probably did play a part in the Titans choosing me.

(on if he thinks Hopkins will be looking for a finder’s fee)

He might be.

(on why he thinks Sports Illustrated said he was the biggest sleeper in this year’s draft)

I’ve been under the radar and a lot of people don’t know about me.

(on if he was confident that he would be drafted)

I was at first and then the later it got, I didn’t know. It’s been a long day. I’m glad it worked out.

(on coming to a team where the defensive line coach and the head coach are Hall of Famers for playing on the offensive line)

I think it’s a good thing. I can learn a lot more with two coaches that are in the Hall of Fame. I think I have a better chance of learning a lot and getting better.

(on what he needs to do to be a success in NFL)

I need work on being flexible. If I can do that, I should be pretty successful.

(on if he thinks he will be projected as right or left tackle in the NFL)

I’m most comfortable at left. I can play any position, guard or right tackle.

(on where he watched the draft)

At home with a couple of friends. Nothing too big, just sitting around watching TV.

(on if his home is in Louisville)

Yes, I’m in Louisville. I still work out at the school every day. I’m from Chicago, but I’ve been staying here and working out.

(on what it was like getting the call from the Titans)

It was exciting because I’m pretty familiar with the city and the surrounding neighborhoods. The coaching staff was pretty cool when I got there. The chance to be coached by Bruce (Matthews), I’m pretty excited about.

(on what he thought about Nashville after living here for a couple months)

It was real nice. It’s a little bigger than Louisville but it kind of reminds me of Louisville, very laid back. I’m going to enjoy it there.

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