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Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll: Titans "Have Really Good Schemes" on Defense

Posted Oct 9, 2013


(on helping a struggling wide receiver through a slump)

Well, it’s interesting you should ask because the receivers are always going to feel like that unless they get every pass. They feel they’re not getting the ball enough or they’re not getting their chances, so that’s probably the attitude it takes to be at that position. It isn’t just receivers (that slump); it’s guys hitting balls at the plate, guys shooting free throws, everyone in sports goes through things that aren’t going right. Usually it comes back to hard work and trusting yourself and trusting that it’s going to work out and getting the mind even and cool so that you can function like you’re capable of. We all face that in all performances whether it’s sports or whatever—everyone suffers through that stuff at times.

(on how Kenny Britt looks on tape)

He looks like a good football player. He’s always been an effective player and a guy that can make plays and all that. That’s all we’re seeing.

(on his impressions of Ryan Fitzpatrick and preparing for him this week)

The first impression is the confidence that the coaching staff has in him that they believe in him. When he hopped in against the Jets, they went right after it and gave him some chances to make big plays and command a lot of the offense. They come right back with the game he starts and they’re wide open and he throws the ball over 40 times. You can tell that they trust him. He’s always been a guy that can make plays and make things happen. He did a good job whether he was in the pocket or moving around. He causes problems. (He’s) a very scrappy, resourceful guy (that has) a lot of confidence, figures out how to make things go. So, we’re going to take very good care of where he is in the pocket and when he gets out with the plays he can create.

(on how the team is reacting to its first loss of the year)

Well, so far. We have a whole way to deal with whether you win or however—you win a close game, win a big game, or you lose a close game or win a close matchup. We’re in the middle of that right now. We want to see how they respond. They’re coming back, and the attitude is exactly where it should be today. As we go finish out this day, I’ll know more. I’m always watching because this is what I have to manage. It’s crucial to us that we always bounce back and always get back on track and there is no hangover from the week before. That happens all the time in sports, and we really try to master that and try to not let it be part of our game.

(on why teams have had difficulty throwing against Alterraun Verner)

He’s a really good player. He’s always been a really good playmaker and a guy that, if you make a mistake, he’ll get it. He’ll steal the ball from you or take it away somehow or knock it out of your hands. He’s always been like that. He’s just a really good all-around football player and athlete, and he’s had enough chances come his way. He’s cranked it up and got four things to get this thing started. He’s off to a great start playing out there.

(on the effectiveness of the read-option this year and whether teams are better prepared to defense it)

It’s just part of our offense; it’s just part of what we do. As we look at how it’s going, it’s going OK. It’s just another facet of what we’re doing, and we look for opportunities. We have to take care of the quarterback as much as we can. If the opportunity creates itself, then we jump to that a little more.

(on becoming more successful on third-down conversions)

Convert more third-downs. We have to catch it and make it past the sticks. We’ve got a few issues here with protection with our new guys that we’re playing the last few weeks. We made a few mistakes and stuff, and sometimes that’s enough to get you out of line and out of whack. We’re going against a really good third-down defensive team here. We know it’s going to be a great challenge to get going. We have a lot of confidence that we can get better, getting the ball to the right guys, protecting the ball well enough so Russell (Wilson) has his chances.

(on what stands out about the Titans’ defense)

Well, they have really good schemes. Jerry (Gray), Gregg (Williams), those guys have a really good background in what they do. They cause problems for you. They’re very aggressive. They’re going to be in your face at the line of scrimmage whether you’re a receiver or a lineman, they’re right there for you. You have to be ready to play a very tough ball game against a scheme that can give you problems, too. We’re preparing for that.

(on the challenges noise poses for opposing teams at CenturyLink)

Well, they’ll find out. It’s all normal stuff, but it’s just louder than you can hear sometimes. It’s constant. All the NFL guys have been around, and they can handle it.

(on Seattle’s fans)

Well, the thing I think is unique about our fans is how constant they are. They’ll start from pregame and they’ll be on it and they’ll be there when it’s over. There’s this tremendous spirit about our fans that they’re tough. They’re gritty, and they’re going to hang in there. They won’t get discouraged—they’re going to hang in there and make it as hard as they can and do it at the right times and try to make it as challenging for our opponent as possible.

(on the team’s strong secondary affording many defensive possibilities and schemes)

Well, it’s always been my goal to have really good guys on the outside so that you can utilize your safeties wherever you need them—in coverages and in the running game. I’ve been doing this on the defensive side for as long as I can remember with the same thought. You have a high regard for what you have on the outside and the guys that can make plays gives you a lot of opportunities to mix plays and other stuff. It happens that we’re very fortunate to have Earl Thomas back there in the middle and Kam Chancellor running around making his plays. The whole group is a very aggressive, physical group, and they’ve put it together. They’ve played around each other for a couple years now, and they’re feeling very good about stuff. Just like everyone else, we can still make mistakes—we did last week a couple times and gave away some easy plays that we rarely give up, and it makes a difference in that football game. We’ve got a lot of room to keep getting better, and we’ve got to keep working at it.

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