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Titans-Bills Postgame Quotes

Posted Oct 21, 2012


(on defensive performance)

I think coming out at halftime and DE Kamerion Wimbley getting that sack, caused a fumble, and the offense took that and scored, that was a huge play for us right off the bat. You always talk about doing those things coming out in the third quarter; we did it. [Buffalo] had some success on offense; we knew they would. They’ve got a lot of great weapons, but our defense held up on two of the last times they had the ball.

(on the offense and the game-winning touchdown)

The good thing is we had two shots at it. We were lucky to get a second shot at it, being down (by) six. I think the confidence was there throughout the day because the offense had a good day running it, protecting for the most part all game, and making plays. I think they went out there thinking that whoever has it last is going to win, and that’s pretty much how it ended up. That was a huge play; two guys stepping up to win the game.

(on scoring a touchdown on the opening drive)

We’ve been moving the ball. Last week, we went down and got held to a field goal. We were moving it, just not finishing the drives. Today we finished drives throughout the day, and we knew if we didn’t turn the ball over on the road, that’s what we need to do.

(on RB Chris Johnson’s performance)

You’re seeing his speed now; another 8o-yarder. I think he has a record for 80-yard runs in the league. Throughout the game, he had a lot of nice 8-10 yard gains; had a 25-yarder. I think we picked up where we left off (against) Pittsburgh, and kind of what we did in Houston. We know how to win games like this; we have to be able to do that. We can’t be one-dimensional like we’ve been in our losses. He’s a great weapon, and if we can continue to do that, we’ll win more football games.

(on the defensive line pressure)

I think [Ryan Fitzpatrick] felt them by his legs. There was pressure throughout the game. He got rid of the ball pretty quickly all day. We blitzed and he was getting the quick slants, throwing the screens, trying to discourage us from blitzing. I thought we pressured him and got some hits on him; all of it just adds up if you can continue to do it throughout the game.

(on the final touchdown and holding on for the win)

That was a money throw and a money catch. That’s just guys making plays when you have to make them and then the defense answering. To me, Rob Bironas kicking the ball through the end zone because they had been retuning the ball well all day, that was a concern also. That was a big part that we got them on the 20-yard line; heck just making the extra point in this weather was a plus. At the end there, when we had to find a way to win it, all the phases came together to win it again. I think that’s what the players see; they start believing in each other. They’ll find a way to win it, and that’s what we did again.


(on the game-winning touchdown pass)

It was a situation where we could have gone for the first down or for the touchdown, and we needed, I think it was eight yards or so for the first. We basically ran everybody deep and the way they covered it, they really I think had sort of a three on two, three defenders on Jared (Cook) and Nate (Washington).  The coaches I think designed the play to go to Nate. I was looking at Jared first, and I think I held the safety just a little bit. The wind kind of took the ball and put it in there nice, Nate made a great catch. It was a great feeling. Small window, I think the wind made it look like a better throw than it was because it kind of knifed right down in there, but those are the kinds of plays that Nate makes. He’s made a few of them for us this year; it’s just a great feeling. We practice those situations all the time in practice, it doesn’t always even work in practice. To pull through once again in a close game for our third win, in a game that came down basically to the last play, was a great feeling.

(on how the offense was able to get a second opportunity to win the game, and they capitalized)

You try to forget the opportunities that you squandered earlier in the game; you just focus in on what you need to do to make a play.  That drive might have even been the drive that started out with a sack, so we needed to get at least half of it back.  We went right on the ball, no huddle, two-minute situation.  Two-minute has been pretty good to us, no huddle has been pretty good to us, and Nate (Washington) made a nice play just trying to get half of it back with a catch and a run.  To be honest, it’s not that nerve-wracking being out there, it’s way more nerve-wracking being on the sideline, like after the touchdown.  They had the third-and-2, they took the shot down the middle, the fourth-and-2, that’s when you’re on the sideline feeling helpless because you can’t do anything.  But when you’re out there, you’re focused on the plays that are called and the situation, and just trying to execute and make it happen.

(on if this was a season-saving win)

That’s probably strong to say that.  It would probably be overstating it.  But it’s a huge win for us.  When we lost that game in Minnesota, Munch (Head Coach Mike Munchak) kind of talked about his last year playing, his team was I think our same record, 1-4, stuff was against them, and they went on a roll and won 11 in a row.  He said then it’s not necessarily this team’s history, it’s that team’s history.  But it’s a great opportunity just to know that it can be done.  We’re off to a good start for it.

(on RB Chris Johnson’s performance today)

The kind of runner that Chris is, when you get him into the open field, he’s probably not going to get caught from behind.  There’s other guys that are bigger and stronger and run through tackles and give you six (yards) instead of four, his strength is when he gets to that second level, he goes, and he scores.  That was great to see, his numbers were great.  Jamie (Harper) did a nice job of punching it in.  But for sure the big run helped, especially with that kickoff return that they had.  That was important.

(on if RB Chris Johnson answered his critics with his big game)

It was a great game, we just needed consistency because we had been hot and cold in that area.  Really the only way you get that is just keep working hard, and that’s what we’re doing.

(on who will start at quarterback once QB Jake Locker is cleared to return from being injured)

That’s not really a focus of mine right now, I think just all of us, we really feel like a team.  Something about losing games early, pulling through tough times and coming together and holding tight, kind of brought our team a lot closer.  Not even about credit, there would be times in all of our careers where we would want to be the guy getting the credit or CJ (Chris Johnson) wouldn’t want to come out and give up 1-yard touchdown runs on the goal line.  It’s just a really unselfish group and I think in part because of how we started.  It’s kind of like an all hands on deck; whatever it takes to win is what we’re going to do.  We play three tight ends, we play four wide receivers, it’s just kind of the mindset we have right now.

(on WR Nate Washington not being targeted most of the game, then coming up big at the end)

That’s not the plan, we’re trying to get him the ball.  We just have a lot of guys, and I spread the ball around, I don’t try to force it to a certain person.  But he came up huge for us on that last drive and really in the fourth quarter with some catches and one catch with the run after the catch.  As long as you make that big catch at the end, that’s what he needed to do, and he did it.


(on how he runs the ball well against Buffalo)

I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad game versus them, but it seems like my offensive line they come through when we come down here or whatever.  They did a great job of getting on the linemen and getting to the second level of the linebackers and my fullback did a great job of blocking all game.

(on how soon into the 83-yard touchdown did he know he was going all the way)

As soon as I saw Quinn Johnson hit the guy and I came through the line I knew I was gone because I really didn’t see anybody, I just saw a couple of safeties on the outside, but I knew it was going to be a touchdown. 

(on if he was surprised by the long touchdown run)

Yeah I’ve been waiting for it for a while, it kind of surprised me because I didn’t know it was an 80-yard touchdown, I thought it was kind of like a 60, 65-yard touchdown, but when I came back to the sidelines they told me how long it was.  So it kind of surprised me.

(on if the running game is moving in the right direction)

Yeah I feel like we’re stepping up and kind of just giving ourselves confidence and showing ourselves if we do the right thing, if we execute, if they block well and I read well and be patient, I think it’s showing us what we can do every Sunday. 

(on if the running game and linemen have been the difference the past few weeks)

Basically, we’re able to stay on the field, sustain drives and get more opportunities because anytime you come into a game and it’s not working early and then you have to go straight to the pass game. It’s really not showing what you really can do throughout the whole game.

(on Jamie Harper “stealing” fantasy points by getting touchdowns)

Same situation as when I first got in here with LenDale (White), but as long as we’re getting victories than I’m OK with it.

(on what he saw on the 83- yard touchdown run)

It was an inside zone scheme or whatever, and my guys got on their guys, got up on the linebackers and Quinn gave a great block and I saw the crease. 

(on how it feels to get another 80 -yard touchdown)

It feels good. I don’t think I went for 80 yards in like two years so it feels good.

(on if he thought it was cold outside since he said he doesn’t like running in the cold)

No it wasn’t too cold today, it was pretty good, great weather.

(on how the overall team feeling is after picking up two wins with no “superstar” performing every week)

I feel like we’re pretty unselfish because there’s a lot of games where the passing game is going very well and then the running back’s aren’t pouting, and then when the running game is going well the receivers aren’t pouting.  I think we’ve got a lot of guys who have been in this league and haven’t been to the playoffs in a long time, and basically at the end of the day that’s everybody’s goal, so no matter how we win the game, we’re proud as long as we get the W.


(on his game-winning touchdown)

It was just a situation where (Buffalo) was sitting on the sticks, our coach saw some things on fourth-and-9 we had to take a shot at the goal. Matt (Hasselbeck) just told me and Cookie (Jared Cook) that he was going to try to give one of us a shot and it just so happened to be me and I’m just thankful.

(on the offense)

I think we’re pulling together and doing a lot of good things. I think we still want to get better even from what we’ve done today. At the same time we’ve made some progress, I think this is something to build off of and something to get better from.

(on winning back to back)

We definitely needed it, I think every win that we’ve had thus far has been a close one. We’ve been pulling them out so we just have to do a better job throughout the game of staying in there, keeping our minds in it and going with the ebb and flow.

(on building their confidence)

It was where it needed to be; everybody was ready to make a play. I don’t think there was one guy in the huddle that was disturbed about what was going on and we were just out there ready to make a play. Somebody had to make a play and thankfully it was me.

(on stepping up late)

This game is not over until we see zeros. Unfortunately things didn’t work out for us at the end of the third and beginning of the fourth quarter but we pulled it out at the end staying with it.


(on getting more carries)

If that’s my role, I’m going to take full task for it, just go ahead with a full head of steam. We’re going down there 100-percent right now. We’re going to keep it rolling, and I give all the honors to the line.

(on what recent performances have done for his confidence)

Confidence is always there. When I get the opportunity I’ve got to go out there and exploit it to the best of my ability.

(on keeping playoff hopes alive)

It was a big win today. At the end of the game making the play and we had all the faith in the world in the play calling, the offensive line blocking it up and making the plays. We came out successful.

(on building their confidence)

It always feels good to win, especially on the road in somebody else’s backyard.


(on their defensive unit today)

That’s big. We always talk about creating turnovers but as a defense we’ve got to play better. For myself, I can’t trade touchdowns for interceptions. You’ve got to find a way to make plays earlier in that game and get off the field. Overall as a defense we did a poor job of tackling today. Our offense helped us out today big time. They made play after play and we gave them a chance, with every turnover, I think they scored a touchdown. We’ve got to find ways to get more turnovers and more three-and-outs.

(on the feeling of being on the field to ice the game)

We talked about that last game. When the offense gave us a chance to win it, whenever they put the game in our hands with a chance to win it, we’ve got to make plays no matter how.

(on the feeling of going back home with two straight wins)

Like Coach Munchak has been telling us, just keep taking it game by game. Don’t look at where you’re at and just focus on where you’re trying to get to. As a team I think we’re doing that each week, focusing on our opponent and giving maximum effort.

(on his interception in the fourth quarter)

I think maybe the play before (Fitzpatrick) thought he had it, and I think probably before the snap he already knew he was going to go there. The wind kind of took it and the ball fell right in my hands. I was just happy I was able to give our offense the chance to win the game.

(on winning and gaining confidence)

It puts another W in that column and it adds a little bit more belief for us. I think the more wins you make, the more confidence your team gains and the better you continue to practice each week and get ready for the next opponent.


(on the Buffalo offense)

(Ryan Fitzpatrick) is really smart, watching (Buffalo) on film they did a great job converting when they needed to. They did that today but we were able to come out with a big stop in a critical situation to win the game.

(on coming up with big defensive plays)

This was (Jason) McCourty’s second big play in a row, in the Steelers game he had a great pick. In this game he had a great pick to help us win the game.

(on winning on the road)

Coach Munchak stressed in the meeting the night before the game that we’ve got to be better on the road. I think everybody heard that challenge, we stepped up came out here and played a good game today.

(on building their confidence going forward)

We can only take it one game at a time, this is a great victory. We’re going to enjoy this today and when we get back, it’s right back to work.


(on winning the turnover battle)

Kam (Wimbley) came out with a huge play and got the ball out. That was huge for the momentum of the game, it kind of swung it to our side and in our favor. We made plays when it counted.

(on the offense getting them the last lead)

It was great. I just kind of had a feeling that we were going to make a play, and God blessed us that we were able to get that and then some. We just had to come out and stop them, we did what we had to do.

(on what this win did for the team)

A win is always great, especially on the road with an AFC opponent. It’s good for the momentum of the team and guys stepped up and made plays when they had to make plays, we came up with the win. We’ve just got to keep building on this momentum.


(on the mentality was on the last drive defensively)

We just knew our offense needed to get out there and take the lead. We put pressure on the quarterback, and Morgan (Derrick Morgan) getting a hit on the quarterback. J-Mac (Jason McCourty) was in the right position to come up with that ball.

(on the game going back and forth)

We just knew that we had to stay in this game and stay together, don’t start pointing fingers, get out of this and just keep going. Our offense needed us and they were doing a great job today. We wanted to show that we wanted to battle and that’s what we did today even with the defense in the fourth quarter coming up with the big stop and getting the win.


(on the defensive performance toward the end of the game)

We knew coming to the game the type of offense that we could face and they are capable of scoring 30 or 40 points per game. They have a great running back duo that can easily rush for 1,000 yards a piece, they are that good. Defensively in the second half, we forced the turnovers and that was the difference. The offense capitalized and gave us the edge. Matt (Hasselbeck) and Nate (Washington) made a great fourth-down play to help us seal the deal.

(on what was going through your mind during the last drive)

Early in the game I missed a few tackles, and the defense coordinator obviously wasn’t too impressed with my performance. He brought me to the sideline and had a conversation. But I know one thing about this game and that there is no time and real presence to put ourselves in a hole because I knew at some point I would have a chance to make that play. Once the offense scored, here I am starting to get myself focused on their two-minute route concept that they like to run. Obviously they had to throw the ball down field, and a few calls put us in position. I was able to get a hand on the ball and get a hit on the quarterback the last two plays of the game.

(on what this win does for the confidence of the team moving forward)

Obviously being able to win one on the road, our first road win this season, certainly builds morale. Guys are obviously are in a position where we can start to feel more confident about our performance, and at the same time work to get better. We start putting these games back to back, we will get this season turned around in a hurry before the bye week.

(on before the last two drives, were you wondering how you were going to get a stop)

Yeah but these guys, they love to throw the ball, and they love to spread you out. We knew exactly that we would have an opportunity, whether it was a sack by the D-Line, or getting our hands on the ball in the back end. That just shows the type of resolve that this team and this defense are starting to learn together. That’s good to see.

(on if defensive coordinator Jerry Gray said anything in particular on the sideline)

Nothing more than that my leadership and performance have to be exact and there’s no room for me to have an error. I feel the same way, and my expectation of myself sometimes I feel is too high. I’m not perfect, but obviously the goal is to go out and play an assignment, technique-type perfect game. At least be able to put yourself in a position to make the plays that you have an opportunity to do. I was able to bounce back late in the game and help the team finish this game.


(on the offensive line’s performance)

I think it was a good performance from the whole offense. Chris (Chris Johnson) ran hard, and the holes were there and he hit them hard. When the holes weren’t there, he took what the defense was giving him, two or three yards and had a couple of big ones at the end.

(on being in a back-and-forth scoring game)

I’ve been in a couple of them and they are fun to be a part of. You score and then just go back and forth until the end where somebody has to make a play and we were the ones to make it.

(on if it felt like a flashback to 2009 with Chris Johnson on his long touchdown run)

It was, and I think everybody has been waiting for him to get back to that. We can see that he can still do it and it was good for us to have a game like this with that many yards rushing. We have to keep it going.

(on moving forward after this win)

It just builds confidence. We have two in a row (at home) now and just get back to work. Come into work tomorrow to watch film and get ready for Indianapolis.


(on the clutch catches towards the end of the game)

That’s what it’s all about. You have to make catches when it’s time, and CJ (Chris Johnson) had a couple crucial runs as well. Whenever you get your chances on third down and fourth down, that’s when you win the game.

(on the confidence level in the huddle on the last fourth down before the touchdown)

We moved the ball all day so we obviously weren’t too concerned. Obviously there’s pressure on fourth down but like I said, we moved the ball all day and we have playmakers on the field.

(on being 3-4 after winning two in a row)

It’s a lot easier to be 3-4 instead of 1-4, I can tell you that.


(on not going for two-point conversions at all during the second half)

In general through the years, I have felt like you do not go for two until you get to the 10, 11 minute mark of the fourth quarter. I thought the way the scoring was going there was going to be quite a few other opportunities either way if we needed to do that. You do not know. It was still in the third quarter when we scored. I never have done that. I always have felt like you wait till the end to see if you need it.

(on what went wrong and caused them to lose the game)

Lack of execution on our part all the way around in the fourth quarter. That is how. 

(on throwing short passes with a minute left to play)

Yeah, we had some down the field throws going but they dropped so many guys deep. Then you are trying to get somebody to catch and run with it, is what you would like to try and have happen. We did not get that done. We had gotten that to happen for us at other spots. We tried to throw a couple, but we did not get them.

(on QB Ryan Fitzpatrick’s fourth-quarter interception)

It looked like he thought it was a squat corner and the corner ran with him. It looked like he thought it was going to be a squat corner and he was trying to throw it in the hole behind the corner. Stevie (Johnson) was in there breaking out. We had thrown in once earlier in the game. I think that he thought the corner was breaking up on Stevie to stop the short throw and he did not. The corner dropped and went underneath it.

(on why the Titans were able to run the ball so effectively)

They hit some creases. They were big runs. We would stuff them, stuff them, stuff them and then they would hit a big one. That is the way it felt. I do not know if it went like that or not. That is what it felt like. There were probably three or four runs that were big runs and the rest of them were bottled up pretty good. So we just let them have some creases that you cannot let a team like that, with a back like they have.

(on if he has to re-evaluate what is happening on defense over the bye week)

I think we have to re-evaluate everything you do. That is what you do with the bye week. You re-evaluate everything. You look at it. What is good you try to keep. What is bad and needs work you try to see what you have to do to get it done. That is what you do during the bye week. Everybody does it. If we had won we would still be doing that.

(on if he would consider coaching changes on defense)


(on if he ever foresaw the defense struggling this much)

I did not think we would give up as many yards as we have given up. No. I did not foresee that. We just have to find out exactly what the problems are and we are not solving them right now. If we do not, we are in for a long year. We have to solve them.

(on his confidence level in Fitzpatrick)

It is the same. He made a bad throw at the end. Other than that, he played really, really well. He made one bad throw. If you get rid of all of the quarterbacks for one bad throw, you are not going to have any quarterbacks left.


(on what happened on his fourth-quarter interception)

I just got greedy in a situation that I did not have any business being greedy in. It was a dumb throw, dumb decision by me. Third down at the end of the game, game on the line, Chan (Gailey) put the ball in my hands essentially and I threw an interception. So that one hurts.

(on if the receiver he threw to was who he was supposed to on the interception)

There are five different receivers on that play, so that was just the one I threw it to.

(on if the pass was intended for WR Stevie Johnson or WR Donald Jones)


(on if the outcome of the game goes in the “hard to explain” category)

They all hurt, but I think the ones that are close, tight, back-and-forth — those are the ones that hurt the most when you do not come out on top. This one stings, especially right before the bye week.

(on if the wind played an impact on the passing game)

There was not really much of an impact. The wind was blowing today, but really it was just one side of the stadium that really has an effect on you. Saw it impact the kicking game more than anything today. That was it.

(on the screen game being a major part of the game plan)

Again, just getting those guys (RB C.J. Spiller and RB Fred Jackson) touches as many ways as we can. Whether it is handing the ball off out of the backfield or throwing them screens, we just wanted to get them as many touches as we could. That was a part of it. This defense that we played is one that a lot of times will have two high safeties and sit back. If we can get our guys the ball and get them a block then it gives us a good chance to get them in space. That is part of what we wanted to do today.

(on why the passes on the Bills’ last drive were all short throws)

The way that they play it was obviously going to be everybody deep and back. You hope to catch one short and have somebody go. We had the two timeouts so not necessarily having to run out of bounds and do all of that stuff. Just trying to get people down the field to at least have a chance at it. The first and second downs we had catches, but the short completions.  I tried to get Scott (Chandler) on the third one and then I tried to get Stevie (Johnson) on the last one. It did not happen.

(on the touchdown passes in the third quarter coming on very similar plays)

They were similar in that they were real timing plays. Timing those throws that I had to trust my guys. Make sure we were on the same page and the timing was precise. Releasing it before they were making their breaks. Donald (Jones) did a great job and Stevie (Johnson) did a great job on his.

(on why they did not go for two at all in the second half)

You will have to ask Chan (Gailey) that. I do not know, but that is a head coach’s decision.

(on if he saw anyone coming on his fumble to start the second half)

No. I did not see him.

(on what he is feeling like as the game was developing)

We did a good job today for the most part. We had a couple of field goals that I wish we would not have had to settle for. There was the big holding call there late. I complete one to Scott (Chandler) down the field to really get a drive going, possess the ball and run the clock out a little bit. Got the holding call on that and that was tough. During the game it is a good feeling to be able to move the ball like that. Just have a lot of different things working and that is the kind of offense we want to be, in terms of getting our running backs the ball. Get them going. We had some nice boot, nakeds, where we had some guys open today. That is kind of who we are right now, getting those guys going. We just need to do a better job. I need to do a better job at the end of the game—which we unfortunately did not today.


(on the defense turning it around in the second half until the last drive)

Yeah, the first half we were not playing how we are supposed to play. We came out in the second half and I thought we stepped it up, but we did not step it up when it counted. And that is what it comes down to. If we want to be a good defense or we want to do anything in this league, no matter the mistakes we made or whatever in the first half we have to be able to come out in the second half and make plays. Or start off not making any mistakes in the first half. That is what it comes down to. So I am definitely disappointed. It hurts the most because I feel like we gave the game away. I feel like we are definitely a better team. I cannot sit here and say that because we lost. But I have 100 percent confidence we are a better team than them. And I give them all the credit because they did what they were supposed to. We did not.

(on how Titans RB Chris Johnson was so successful today)

Well, we had mistakes. We went in wrong holes, did not box, did not hammer when we were supposed to be inside, just different things. I think he had three really big, explosive plays. And that is what it equated to. We have to clean those mistakes up. Against a back like that you cannot make any mistakes. If you give him any ground he is going to take off running. So we have to clean that up.

(on if he is tired of talking about the same mistakes seven weeks into the season)

We are definitely tired – tired of not playing to our capabilities. There is nothing wrong with this defense. As far as the schematics of the defense, it is one of the best schemes you could have in the NFL, for me personally. We just did not execute and that is the problem. As players we have to take responsibility to go out there and execute and we did not. And we should not be talking about this in week seven. If we are going to lose a game we need to be beat, and not give it up. And that is what we did.

(on what is leading to that lack of execution)

It is hard to pinpoint. I made mistakes out there. And I think we just need to go out there and be more confident and believe in what we are doing. I know what I am supposed to do and I still made a mistake. As a team we have to be vibing. On a good defense anyway, if one guy makes a mistake another guy has to pick him up. That is what we have to do and we just are not doing that as a defense. But it just comes down to mental mistakes. I cannot pinpoint it. I do not know what it is. But we are making too many of them. Every defense makes mental mistakes, but we have too many of them right now. And when we are getting a chance to capitalize on their mistakes, we are not capitalizing.

(on the Titans using a carbon copy of the plan New England used in their win here)

I do not know. I just think we could have beaten them. I am just really disappointed in that game. They should not even be in the game with us. I hate to sit here and say this, because we lost, but they should not be in the game with us. We should have beat them – bad.


(on his feelings after the game)

Very disappointed. We had an opportunity to win the game and we didn’t. We have to sit around for about 10 days before we can prepare again, and dwell on the loss. It wasn’t what we wanted to do, but it’s what happened.

(on running the football)

There were some great running lanes, and we knew that coming in. No disrespect to them, but they are not big upfront, not very fast, and we knew running the ball was going to be a top priority. The offensive line did a great job opening the running lanes and just trying to take what they gave us.

(on turning the ball over after offensive success)

You are not going to win when you turn the ball over; it came back and hurt us today.  That’s football, and it happens, we got to find a way to fix it. Hopefully we will come off the bye week and that’s it now, come down to if we want to make the playoffs or not. Every game will pretty much come to a must win game.

(on the inconsistency of the team)

The main thing is try to convert on third down. You are not going to win too many if you don’t. Very disappointed we let this one get away. Definitely had our opportunity to go into the bye with a great record. We’re 3-4, it is what it is; we’ll regroup and get ready.

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