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Coach Fisher's Monday Training Camp Report

Posted Aug 17, 2009

Training Camp Central


(on having a lighter practice today)

It’s just the normal course of training camp. I felt we got done what we needed to get done. We didn’t need to put the pads on today. We’ll pad up tomorrow.

(on if he was nervous when LenDale White looked injured)

No, I kind of saw the collision. I kind of had some idea of what was ailing at that point.

(on having a shorter week this week with the Dallas game on Friday)

We’ll have to, just because the nature of their odd front defense, prepare a little bit more. We have just two days, today and tomorrow to do ordinary training camp types of things. With one practice on Wednesday we’ll start preparing for the Cowboys.

(on Kenny Britt’s ankle)

Yeah, he’s got a little ankle. It will not keep him out of the ball game. He’s a little sore to practice.

(on if Kenny Britt should have come in for ankle treatments yesterday)

There was a misunderstanding on his part. He did come in for treatment.

(on if anyone is standing out on punt returns)

We’re hoping to get Mark (Jones) back. Ryan (Mouton) is fielding the ball well and making good decisions. He did have one mishap in the ball game but that won’t happen again. We’re hoping to get Mark back and Chris Davis back on the field so they can do it as well.

(on the importance of this week of training camp for players trying to make the final roster)

Each week is important. The practice week is important. The game in particular becomes, as you move further in the preseason, each game becomes more and more important. There are good things that we’re seeing. We’re seeing young players improve and we’ve got to see a little bit more out of the players that are on the fringe over the next couple weeks.

(on if he would like to mention players on the fringe)

No of course not. This will perhaps be one of our more difficult cut downs to 53 players. When you look at the situation like this there’s going to be three, four or five guys that can make or break you depending on what happens in the ball game.

(on how he would describe the new Cowboys Stadium)

You’ll have to ask me after. I’ve not really seen anything about it. I’ve heard that it’s incredible but we’re going there to play a ball game. I heard the locker rooms and all those kinds of things are spectacular.

(on if Vince Young will get playing time with the starters)

We’re hoping to. I’m hoping to get him in to play with the starting offense at some point for a couple series.

(on why playing with the starters will be good for Vince Young)

It’s the quarterback position. The better the people are around you the better chance you have of being successful. That’s the fact of playing the position. Vince is used to playing with them and he has not had an opportunity and I wanted him to have an opportunity to do that.

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