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Coach Fisher's Thursday Practice Report

Posted Aug 13, 2009


(on how long the starters will play against Tampa Bay)

They’ll run a set number of plays. When we compare different positions, we like to see the running backs get three, four or five carries. Sometimes they end up playing a little bit longer.

(on having more players to look at on the depth chart compared to years past)

That’s the benefit of the extra preseason game where you have the extra time.

(on if Vince Young will play an entire half against Tampa Bay)

Yeah, that’s the plan.

(on if there is any concern with Vince Young playing at home for the first time since the season opener last year)

Football is football. He’s going to go out and do the best he can. He’s had a good camp and had a good day today. He’s looking forward to getting back on the field, I’m sure.

(on the fighting during practice)

They get tired. It really makes no sense to sit there and punch a helmet. You punch a helmet, you break a hand and you miss practice. If you’re trying to make the team, you won’t make the team.

(on if Vince Young will play with the first-string offense or second-string offense)

It will be the number two’s. Kerry [Collins] will start and play just a little bit more than he did last week and then we’ll make our subs.

(on if Nate Washington is what he expected coming to the Titans)

Probably a little more than what we expected just because of what he can do as far as the routes are concerned. So much of what he did, it was a great job at Pittsburgh, was the deep stuff down the field stretching the defense. He really has become a very talented route runner. When you have that kind of speed in and out of those cuts it creates problems for the defenses.

(on Nate Washington and Kerry Collins’ chemistry)

They are working well together. They hooked up yesterday on a great throw and catch, a deep throw. The timing is starting to come. We’d like to see it in a ball game. He had one opportunity but Kerry [Collins] had someone in his face and didn’t take a shot.

(on what he is looking for in the game against Tampa Bay)

It’s going to be a little unique. I heard they started to prepare for us yesterday and we have nothing to base our preparation on. We don’t have a game [to go on]. It’s a new coaching staff. We can’t, ‘this is our game plan,’ per se. We’ll be on our toes and we’ll have to adjust, as the play callers will and the players will. It will be a good experience for us.

(on if the players are battling)

I think everybody is battling.

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