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Coach Fisher's Tuesday Training Camp Report

Posted Aug 25, 2009


(on Nate Washington)

We’ve done all of the exams and he’s going to miss some time. It’s not a serious hamstring, but he does have an injury to the hamstring muscle. We’ll be day-to-day, week-to-week here. He’s a quick healer and we’ll get aggressive with his treatment.

(on the length of time Nate Washington will be out)

It’s hard to say. He will not play this week.

(on if Nate Washington will be available for the season opener)

He will not play this week.

(on what Nate Washington’s plans are while he is injured)

He’s going to rehab. He’ll watch practice and rehab and condition, do all of those things.

(on if Nate Washington has had a previous hamstring injury)

I think most players at this level have had hamstring issues before but nothing recently.

(on how big of a setback the injury will be for Nate Washington)

He knows what we’re doing. He’s got a good feel and is practicing really well. Knowing what to do and how to do it will not be an issue for him when he returns. His focus and our focus should be on just getting him back on the field.

(on if there has been more game planning this week than last week)

We’re still early. We haven’t as of yet. We still have some more things that we have to get done tomorrow and then we’ll introduce Cleveland to them during just one period tomorrow and we’ll have one practice. The defensive front is going to be the same. Offensively, we’ll be challenged in their run game. They’ve got one of the better, if not one of the best, returners. We’ve got quite a challenge on our hands from a special teams standpoint.

(on how long the starters will play)

It really depends on the numbers. I don’t necessarily feel it’s real important to go through the halftime experience just because we’re a more veteran team now than we have been in the past. It will really depend on the number of reps.

(on if this is the week when Vince Young plays with the starting offense)

It may perhaps be the week where Vince gets to play with the ones, yes.

(on if Vince Young will start)

No, he will not start.

(on how Kevin Mawae performed in his first practice since his elbow injury)

He looked like he had been at camp all year and looked like he played about 16 years in the league. He was fine. He didn’t have any issues with it and we’ll ease him back into it.

(on the punt returners)

Mark’s (Jones) back just about to full speed. I anticipate Mark being able to return for us in the game.

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