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Coach Fisher's Wednesday Training Camp Report

Posted Aug 19, 2009

Training Camp Central


(on the eagerness to see the Titans face the 3-4 defense)

We haven’t had a lot of time to prepare for it, today was our first day. We’ve got a veteran offensive line. It’s going to be a challenge but it will be a good first-time experience for us.

(on if he’s anxious to see the new Cowboys Stadium)

I’m more concerned about our team right now than I am the stadium. I’ve heard they’ve done a great job there. It’s their first go-around, there may be some glitches you don’t know, it’s part of opening a new stadium. We’ve got to go out and play. We’ve got to play well and take that next step in the preseason.

(on today’s practice)

We lifted and met most of the day. Today was really the only work aside from the walkthrough tomorrow that we’ll have against the Cowboys. Any time you go off the cards the tempo is going to slow down a little bit. We got the work done, the tempo and the timing and the contact we needed to yesterday.

(on how long the starters will play)

We’re going to just increase about a series, maybe two series. You can expect most of the starters to play well into the second quarter, maybe up to halftime but no longer than that.

(on at what point Vince Young will play)

When we make changes offensively.

(on if Vince Young will play with the starters)

It really depends on how the first half goes and how Kerry (Collins) does. If it doesn’t happen this week then it will happen next week.

(on the new identity the defense has taken under Chuck Cecil)

We’re carrying on with where we left off and that’s important to Chuck that we do that. The defense typically plays pretty well during the preseason games. We keep things basic but we play hard. We’re just trying to carry on where we left off and Chuck has their attention. We’re not doing an awful lot, we’re just playing hard.

(on how Kenny Britt responds after being corrected by coaches)

He’s being corrected. So yes, he probably has not been corrected as much particularly because he’s in a new system. When you’re in a new system you make mistakes and the corrections will follow.

(on what is the preparation for Dallas’ offense)

We’ve got to defend a real talented potent passing game plus an extremely good running game. They’ve got depth at the running back position. They lost their opening preseason game out in Oakland and this is their home opener at their new stadium. They’ll be prepared and we’ll probably get a very specific game plan out of it.

(on the news of Marvin Harrison being contacted by the Titans)

We’ve not contacted Marvin. We’ve had no contact whatsoever with Marvin or his agent and to be quite honest with you I don’t know where Adam Schefter got that information.

(on if there is a possibility of Marvin Harrison joining the Titans)

No. You’ll have to just stay put and see what Adam (Schefter) says because he’s got a better take on what we’re doing than we do.

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