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Conference Call: WR Kenny Britt

Posted Apr 25, 2009

Titans Draft Central


(On if this is where he thought he might be picked in the draft)

Definitely. I went down there with the coaches and everything. I had a good feeling about it. I have family down there. My friend actually wanted me to be a Tennessee Titan. He’s been my friend since I was a little kid. I guess he got his dream and I got my dream.

(On what family he has in Tennessee)

My father’s side. My father’s father actually came from Tennessee. So they are down there in Tennessee.

(On what part of Tennessee)

I’m not sure because we don’t really keep in touch. It’s a long story. Back in the day my grandfather was in New Jersey and started our family in New Jersey. We haven’t kept in touch with them over the last few years.

(On what the Titans told him about what they expect from him and how early they want him to contribute)

They didn’t really go into specifics. I think they just want me to come down there and give it my best and work hard and do what I’ve done all my life and come play football.

(On how early he thinks he can contribute)

I think once I learn the program and once I learn how fast the game is I think I can come out my rookie year.

(On how much of impact he thinks he can have his rookie year)

I’d like to have as big an impact as possible. If it’s helping on special teams, on extra point or kickoffs or as wide receiver I just want to go out there and do what I can for the team.

(On what kind of red zone receiver he can be and how much he thinks that makes him an attractive prospect)

I’m a big physical receiver, great hands …

(On how it was having to wait until the end of the first round to be picked and how he feels knowing he gets to go to a team that went 13-3 last year)

I know God already chose me for a team and God chose me to be with the best team possible with good people around there and good coaches around there. That’s what I’m happy about. I thank God for that.

(On what he knows about the Titans)

I know they went 13-0 last year. I’ll know more once I get down there tomorrow.

(On what he knows about Kerry Collins and if he watched him play with the Giants when he was a kid since he’s from New Jersey)

I really didn’t get into watching the game at all. Most of the time I was outside playing with my little brothers and friends.

(On being the first first round wide receiver pick for the team in the first round since 1998)

It feels great. Just to come down there and be in the first round, being their first wide receiver picked in the first round since 1998. I’m just happy to go down there and do what I have to do.

(On who called and broke the news that Tennessee picked him and what they told him)

Actually spoke to the head coach, and the GM actually called me. They just had me hold for a couple of minutes and it gave me a feeling it was going to be them.

(On what they told him when they said he was their choice)

They actually asked me how many minutes was on the clock and to hold on for a few seconds. I had butterflies in my stomach and they told me I was their guy.

(On if he was watching TV when he was picked)

No, actually I was spending time with my family. I was playing with my little brothers and cousins and throwing the football around.

(On how he feels about going to a team that is a Super Bowl contender)

It feels great to come in and work with a team that is already established themselves as one of the best teams in the NFL. I’m going to do what I can to contribute to win the next Super Bowl.

(On if his age, 20 years old, works against him or is a positive)

That’s definitely a positive because I’m learning and growing every second of the day. I’m young and I feel I can stay in the game for a while and I’ll be a Tennessee Titan for several years to come.

(On what other teams he thought might draft him)

There were definitely a couple of teams that I thought I might be going to in the first round. I know God already chose the team for me so I wasn’t worried about who they picked.

(On who the teams were)

I believe the Dolphins, New York and Minnesota. Those are the teams I went to on my visit and had a good vibe with that said I was their person.

(On being suspended for a game in college last year)

That was an issue that coach and I had to deal with, but we worked it out. I was young and I made a mistake. Right now I’m looking towards my future.

(On what he can bring to make an impact on the team)

Since I had time off I was working out at API. I was fortunate enough to work with Rod Smith, and he taught me things about the game already that I have knowledge of right now, how to run the routes and what coverages to pick up. He really helped me with my footwork and everything like that.

(On if Rod Smith was at API in Arizona)

He came down three times a week and worked out with me. I thank the Lord for that and I thank him for taking time out of his busy schedule to help me out with that.

(On if he is aware that Tennessee’s offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger knows Rod Smith pretty well)

Oh yeah. Actually he called me after everyone else texted me. I thanked him.

(On if he has been to Nashville before)

My first time actually when I was down there to visit the team.

(On what he thinks about living in Nashville and being in the South)

It’s a new experience for me. I’m happy about that. When I go down there, I will adapt.

(On how hard it was to leave Rutgers after his junior year)

It was a really hard decision because one thing that Rutgers has is special people there, and that’s something the Tennessee Titans have. God picked and selected me to go there.

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