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DirectSnaps: Ben Jones - Clay's Little Brother

Posted Aug 11, 2016

DirectSnaps is a story series contributed by Tennessee Titans players sharing their perspectives, both on and off the field, with fans. This week's entry comes from C Ben Jones.

As told by Titans C Ben Jones:

Back home in Brent, Alabama, I’m just Ben.

Actually, I’m Clay Jones’ little brother.

You see, Clay was a way better athlete in everything. He was the town favorite. If I hit a home run in baseball, it was, “There goes Clay Jones' little brother!” It was never me.

I’m the one playing on Sundays now, but I'm still Clay Jones' little brother in my hometown. I love that, because people respect him, what he does and how hard he works.

Coming from a small town like that, I love that I can go home and they treat me just like a normal person, like they always have. I can go to the little league field and nobody bothers me. I can go to church and the same old women come up and give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek when I walk in. The people who were there for me in the hard times are still there for me now. I guess that’s the thing I love about home is everybody treats you the same because they know you and your story.

I don’t talk about it much, but I went through some things when I was a kid. I lost my dad when I was 10 and my best friend in high school, both in sudden accidents. When you get hurt at a young age like that, you don’t want to get hurt again. It’s like a part of me got taken away as a kid. Those people back home were there when it was hard. They’re there when it’s great now, too.

In many ways, this building is just like my hometown. I can let go in these walls, just be me. I joke around and love to have fun with my teammates. But at the Titans, now I’m the older brother.

When Coach Mularkey and Jon Robinson called me back in March, they told me what they were building. I wanted to be a part of that. I knew I was going to be the old guy on the line, and I kind of wanted that. I want to be the guy who everyone can rely on and other guys can look up to, because I’m going to bust my tail and they ought to know I’m going to come in and work every day.

I’ve never been the biggest, the strongest, the fastest, but they respect me for what I do here. This is my kind of team. I want to be a smash-mouth team. We want a physical team that’s tough, and that’s why they brought me here. I felt like I was respected more for my qualities. I knew I wanted to be at a place where they really respected me for how hard I worked. Being Clay Jones’ little brother taught me that.

It’s never a bad day here to me. I’m so excited to be here, and I give everything I have. I could be in the football office 20 hours a day and do training camp all year long. This is my passion. I love being around the guys in the locker room and the coaches. I just love football.

These are not the same ole Titans of the past. We’ve been working all offseason, and something has changed. Now it’s time to get out there on that field and show that we are a new team. I’m ready.

Direct Snaps is a story series contributed by Tennessee Titans players sharing their perspectives, both on and off the field, with fans.