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It’s Halloween: Kevin Byard Lists 5 Scariest Movies

Posted Oct 31, 2017

On Friday the 13th, Titans Online made a sweep through the Titans locker room. The subject: Scariest Movies of all time. Well, it's Halloween, so let's take another look at Titans safety Kevin Byard's list...

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – It’s Halloween.

So it's the perfect time to revisit Titans safety Kevin Byard's list of his top 5 scariest movies of all time.

Byard gave his rundown on Friday the 13th. He still hasn’t seen “It,” so it didn’t make this list.

Byard's top five horror films:

1 – A Nightmare on Elm Street

Byard: “All those Freddy Krueger movies. I hated that guy, and Nightmare on Elm Street. It was the worst. That Freddy Krueger would come into your dreams. I always watched him at nighttime, and then when you finish watching you want to go to sleep. And I couldn’t. I know for a fact I lost sleep over Freddy Krueger. My sister used to like watching those movies, and made me watch it all the time. Man, I hated Freddy Krueger. I still do.”

2 -- The Conjuring

Byard:  “Now that’s a scary movie. It came out my sophomore year in college. Any movie that has anything to do with spirits and going into the other world -- that is super scary. It’s about saving some girl that had her spirit taken from demons. It was crazy.”

3 – Friday the 13th

Byard: “I hated Jason. Michael Meyers and the Halloween movies, they weren’t that scary to me. But all those Friday the 13th movies. Jason was a different kind of killer. He was ruthless, and you never really saw him run. He would always pop up behind you. So he was always scary.”

4 – The Exorcist

Byard: “Any movies that have exorcism in them, that’s scary to me. I’ve seen a few exorcist movies. Those kind of movies just stick with you.”

5 -- Saw

Byard: “Now that’s scary, and I know they are fixing to come out with a new Saw movie. I have seen every single Saw movie, and those are scary. It’s pretty much a serial killer who puts people in predicaments where they have to save their life by giving up something. So you may have to give up an arm to save your life. You need to see that (series), and you have to go from the beginning.”