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Fan's Guide to Season Ticket Holders

All address changes need to be made online. You can now access your personal season ticket account online through Account Manager. You can log in using your account number and pin number located on the front of your invoice.

To view and print these forms, you will need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Once the forms are downloaded, please fill them out and mail them back to the ticket office at:

Tennessee Titans Ticket Office
(ATTN: Season ticket waiting list)
Nissan Stadium
One Titans Way
Nashville, TN 37213


PSL ownership transfer information
Nissan Stadium, 1 Titans Way, Nashville, TN 37213 -- Ticket Office (615-565-4200) FAX 615-565-4212


A transfer is to a buyer, not the number of seats to a buyer. For example, 5 PSL's transferred to one individual is 1 transfer; or to two individuals (i.e., 3 to one and 2 to another) is 2 transfers, etc. However, if PSL's are from 5 different accounts (1 per account), the number of transfers becomes 5.

There are two transfer periods per year. Transfers will not be accepted before the period begins or once it has ended.

1ST PERIOD ......... February 1st thru April 30th
2ND PERIOD ......... September 15th thru October 31st

PSL's may not be transferred more than once per year except in the case of the death of the PSL holder or divorce!


$100 per transfer per account in the form of a cashier's check, money order or cash ONLY!

Cashier's checks/money orders should be made payable to: TENNESSEE FOOTBALL, L.P.

Transfer Form filled out and signed by Transferor & Transferee.

This form can be obtained by:

-- dropping by the Ticket Office at Nissan Stadium (next to Gate 1)

-- calling 565-4200 and requesting that one be faxed to you

-- sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to the address above

-- Copy of seller's and buyer's drivers' licenses or picture I.D.'s to verify identity and signatures.

IF PSL'S ARE IN THE NAME OF A COMPANY, the person signing must furnish some form of legal documentation (i.e., incorporation papers, merger papers, tax i.d., etc., listing officers) showing their authority to sell the PSL's. An officer (CEO, President, etc.) of the company should sign the transfer and submit the requested documentation or submit a notarized letter on company letterhead with the requested documentation giving the signer the authority to transfer ownership of the PSL's.

IF PSL'S ARE IN THE NAMES OF 2 OR MORE INDIVIDUALS, all must sign and submit copies of their licenses. Non-signers must submit a notarized letter stating that the individual signing has their approval to handle the transaction. This pertains to accounts in the name of a husband and wife also.

Transfer items can be mailed to or dropped off at the address above. To avoid delays, please submit all items requested. Depending on the number of transfers received, the processing can take 2 to 6 weeks. The transferee (and the transferor also if retaining any PSL's) will receive a contract to sign and return once the transfer is completed.

PARKING: If applicable, please indicate which account should receive the current parking pass. Parking passes can only be transferred with club seats at a rate of one pass per every four seats on the account. Please note that parking passes are only leased by PSL holders and cannot be transferred separately from the PSL's. As all parking is currently sold out, parking passes are not available for new account holders.

DEATH OF PSL HOLDER: The person inheriting must furnish a copy of the PSL holder's death certificate and a copy of legal documentation (will, etc.) showing the heir(s) to the PSL's. The transfer fee is waived if the heir is having PSL's put in their name. If not, this information plus the standard transfer items & fee listed above will be required.

DIVORCE OF PSL HOLDERS: Must submit a copy of the divorce decree (1st page, page showing recipient(s) of PSL's & last page signed by judge). The transfer fee is waived if the recipient(s) is having PSL's put in their name. If not, this information plus the standard transfer items & fee listed above will be required.