A Message from Ownership

Dear Friends,

Giving back has always been important in our family. It is with great pride that, in this book, we share with you some of the community events and initiatives in which we participated this year. We are proud of the overall impact our organization has made, and the following are a few of the highlights:

• Launching We Stand For in support of our players and their causes and charities

• Partnering with the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association to bring the InSideOut Initiative to Tennessee, a model that works to shift the focus of high school athletics away from the current "win-at-all-costs" culture and re-define the role of interscholastic sports in the lives of students and communities

• Through a shelter pet adoption campaign, helping the Nashville Humane Association clear their shelter for Christmas for the first time in their history

On behalf of the Adams family and the entire Tennessee Titans organization, we would like to say thank you. Thank you to our fans, our partners and our community for the support we receive that allows us to enrich the quality of life within the areas we live and work.

Titan Up!

- Amy Adams Strunk